Skyler Hayman: ASC See Miami Fall 2020

Photo taken by Skyler Hayman in 2020 at the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum at FIU

Student Bio

Hello reader. My name is Skyler Hayman, but everyone calls me Sky. I identify as a non-binary queer human being who was born and raised in Miami, FL and birthed from two immigrant parents who are originally from Nicaragua. All pronouns are welcomed and so are your comments. I am a junior at Florida International University double majoring in International Business and Marketing. Art has always and will always hold a special spot in my heart as it is a way to connect with other human beings through time and space. In the future, I hope to become a product/project manager, but my goal in life is to gain as many memories and experiences as I can.


The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum at FIU is located inside the university campus with Florida International University. Their address reads as 10975 SW 17th St, Miami, FL 33199. Those who choose to visit this museum have the opportunity to see sculptures sitting right outside the museum. Because this art institution sits on campus, it shares a space with its neighboring buildings that are the Hebert and Nicole Wertheim Performing Arts Center and the Blue parking garage, and the Management & Advanced Research building. The visitors of this building can also enjoy a wide variety of dining option on campus depending on the hour. There is also a variety of dining options off campus as well that are nearby.


The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum at FIU actually first began as “a small space in FIU’s Primera Casa building in 1978”. The small space’s collection began to grow along with the programming, the university finally decided that they needed a museum space on campus. This museum is called the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum at FIU and resides in a 46,000 square foot building which was actually designed by Yann Weymouth. The museum officially opened its doors to the public 2008.


The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum’s mission is “to provide transformative experiences through art; collect, exhibit, and interpret art across cultures; and advance FIU’s stature as a top tier research university.” In other words, they want for the art that they display to connect us all. From students, to faculty, to other visitors they want us all to relate to the art and to each other regardless of time and space.


ADMISSION TO THE MUSEUM IS ALWAYS FREE! Due to Covid-19, they updated their hours and how those who are not part of the FIU community can access the museum. Sunday through Tuesday the museum is closed, Wednesday & Thursday the museum is open to the FIU community ONLY, and Friday & Saturday the museum is open to everyone, but those whose who are not part of the FIU community are permitted by appointment only. Those who visit have a maximum visitation limit of 1 hour. If visiting within the last hour, it will be shorter since they have to begin closing up the museum soon. Parking is available for the FIU community within the nearby parking garages, and their is visitor/metered parking that is open to the public in designated areas on campus. The museum is within a 1o min walk or less within the whole campus.


“The museum presents an exhibition schedule as diverse as Miami’s population. We showcase artists from around the world and across cultures, disciplines, and genres. In addition, the museum also showcases emerging and established local artists in select exhibitions throughout the year.” The whole museum displayed the works of students and other exhibitions that have been there since the beginning of December of 2020.

On the first floor, there was one art work from the “Master’s of Art Education Exhibition 2020” that really stood out to me. This piece is from Grace Cox titled “Natalie, 2020” and it’s a part of a series of hers that contains an important message. Cox was “inspired by what the presence of women in the world of skateboarding means to me” and she wanted to showcase how women these women are “surpassing cultural norms in a non traditional way through skateboarding”, but making sure that the series is “demanding respect without sacrificing authenticity.” I chose to talk about this first piece because it really spoke to me. Am I woman in the skateboarding world? No, but I am an individual who was not taken seriously or even disrespected when I was/am partaking in certain activities that don’t correspond with the gender norms society is trying to force onto me. I see these woman the same way I see myself when I am being me without any care on what the world thinks.

Photos taken by Skyler Hayman in 2020 at the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum at FIU

I love women. I am a fan of everything they do and how far they have come and how much effort they are pushing for equality. On the second floor, the exhibition of “House to House: Women, Politics, and Place” was not only a collection of art, but a yell that these artist were roaring saying “I am a woman and you will hear me!”. With the iconic song “I’m Every Woman” by Whitney Houston echoing throughout the whole floor, I was able to submerge myself in the history of women and was able to gain an awareness of things of how unfair it still is for women even the “advanced” art world. Out of the whole floor, this piece spoke VOLUMES to me. “Oliver in a Tutu” by Catherine Opie was a true reflection of my own past and my future to be. Growing up, I was an explorer that did not stay within the gender norms. This type of behavior was not encouraged in my household, but this image reminds me that when I have a child I will allow them to be who they are without limitation.

The third floor was an exhibition titled “Tesoro: Pepe Mar’s Love Letter to the Frost“. Tesoro translated means treasure. This whole floor was curated by Pepe Mar who is “an artist who marries a broad range of visual references and personal obsessions spanning art, fashion, queer history, and Mexican culture”. This was clearly seen in every step I took within the exhibition. At first glance, it does seem like a random collage of weird artwork that was painted, designed, and put together by someone on acid. But once you take a breath and begin to take in each piece, the artwork just flows from the eyes the brain and it makes sense. I don’t know why, but the recurring voice I heard in my head while walking through the exhibit was “No, mucho color“. This was my mother repeating her conservative agenda whenever I chose to make/wear something that contained too many colors. All I could do was take in the beauty of the artwork and smile.

special programming

Due to the current pandemic, the museum is not holding any events at the moment rathe than just opening of new exhibitions.


Jessica, Visitor, 21

Was this your first time visiting the museum? Yes

What was your favorite piece within the whole museum today? The series on the first floor from Grace Cox of the women skateboarding and knowing that they’re FIU students is a plus

Rate each floor on a scale from 1-10. First floor, 9/10. Second floor, 7/10. Third floor 10/10.

Do you think that this is a good spot for the museum? I like it, I think it’s nice. Although a lot of people don’t know its here. It’s kinda hidden since no one really comes to this side of campus so maybe they just need more advertisement.


Jasmine, Front Desk Concierge, 19

How long have you been working here at the museum? 2 months.

What is your favorite piece that is currently in the museum? The three-headed peacock in the Tesoro exhibit, that one’s my favorite.

Rate each floor on a scale of 1-10. The first floor, I’d give it a solid 7/10. The second floor overall a 9/10. The third floor also a 9/10.

As an employee, do you get a first look before they get displayed? No, I can sometimes see them putting them up for display though.

Was it a busy day today? It wasn’t not busy, well we’re not really busy at all to be honest.

Do you think that this is a good spot for the museum? I like it here I just wish they offered free parking. Definitely needs to be advertised more.


The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum at FIU is such a wonderful place and an unknown valuable asset to the FIU community. It provides a unique educational experience that unfortunately many do not take advantage of.

The museum’s constant change of exhibitions is a great thing since the people who go love to see new artwork and can get tired easily. The way each exhibition is displayed is beyond brilliant. It’s all about getting the audience to submerge in the exhibits and that is exactly what they do. From the audio aids located in the exhibitions to the color of the walls to the placement of each piece. They all come together tastefully to ooze out art.

The only improvement that I would make for the museum fall within advertisement. LET MORE PEOPLE KNOW! The students who attend Florida International University don’t even know where the museum is and even the most important part that admission is FREE! This also goes with the public. This can also be beneficial for FIU in general to gather more people on campus to this museum. The public needs to know that they have access to this museum and by having more of the public come, it can attract attention to FIU and put us at a more competitive level with the other state universities.

Overall, the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum at FIU is an institution I will be talking about for a while and highly recommending those that can come to take the time and gain a new experience.


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