Dina Denord: Miami Service Project 2019

Photo by Dina Denord (CC by 4.0)

I have been working with Kiskeya Community Services and my church for well over 5 years. I have poured my heart and soul into my work with the community, and the ability to serve is something that I don’t take for granted. This semester, I adopted a special project through this organization, and that was organizing outside help and resources to provide to the large homeless community here in Miami. It was difficult. Finding funding is near impossible, and people don’t really want to help or aren’t able to help. Thankfully, there are still good people with amazing hearts out there who were more than willing to help with our project and were able to contribute in an incredible way. 

Photo by Dina Denord (CC by 4.0)
Packages being prepared for storage and transport to cook the meals.

Simple action isn’t enough when there is no passion behind it. Emotion usually drives my more passionate projects, and feeding the less fortunate is one thing, but sitting with them to share and hear their stories is another. Like most, yes, I do see how blessed I am to have a roof over my head and stability in my life, but it is incredible how one slight change can flip someone’s life upside down. One misstep and everything you loved is now gone. I am passionate about this project because it has served as a stepping stone for someone to go out in the world and to do for others. In serving, I realized two things- one, I am so very lucky to be doing this, and two, I wish my heart was more like them. A homeless village is a true community. If one person cannot get up, then someone else brings the supplies to them. If someone is sick, someone else will come and ask for medications or anything we can give to make them feel better. The opportunity was presented to me at 16, and I don’t regret accepting it. Working for the community is something that often makes me deeply reflective and I realize how fortunate I am to have the chance to serve each and everyday. 

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