Fauzan Sheikh: Sunset 2019

Ineffable Sunset:


I am Fauzan Sheikh currently a Junior in the Honors College and FIU School of Engineering. My major is Construction Management and I am currently an Assistant Estimator at Zahlene Enterprises which is a construction company located in Medley, FL. I was born in Karachi Pakistan, raised in South Miami, FL, and I currently reside in Pembroke Pines, FL My goal is to finish my degree as soon as I can to lead my life into a successful career within the construction industry. I have always been very involved with every institution I was enrolled in. During my time in Southwest Miami Highschool (2013-2017) I played Varsity football and my team won the district championship. I was also in Student Government during my senior year in high school. Broward College brought me closer to my religion through the MSA (Muslim Student Association) chapter of Broward College. I became the Vice President and did a great amount of community work alongside my Muslim brothers and sisters. Our MSA did everything from feeding the homeless in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale to the riddance of misconceptions about Muslims through peaceful talks and debates. At Broward College I was also a member of HSC (Honors Student Committee) which not only aided me through opening doors to scholarships and academic success, but I also spread the knowledge I gained to help the students who I studied amongst. I am blessed to have FIU in my own hometown. The diversity here at FIU is outstanding and the opportunities for minorities like me are in surplus. Being an FIU Panther for only three weeks has made me realize how if I choose the correct path, success is just the reach of a hand away.


Map of Sunset: Bestplaces.net

Sunset, FL is a city in South Miami and the cities that it is bordered by are Kendale Lakes, Glenvar Heights, Westwood Lakes, Kendall, and Olympia Heights. The Don Shula Turnpike as well as the Snapper Creek Expressway are two highways that run directly through the city of Sunset, FL.


Hurricane Andrew in Sunset, FL

A historical event that truly had a huge impact on the City of Sunset, FL was the arrival of Hurricane Andrew. August 24th, 1992 was a day that not only the city of Sunset, FL, but the entire region of South Florida will never forget. At the time when Hurricane Andrew struck Florida, it was the strongest hurricane to ever strike Florida. Roofs were ripped off the foundation of homes and thousands of Sunset, FL residents were displaced, hundreds were injured.


The 2010 census reveals everything to know about the demographics of the city of Sunset, FL. There are approximately 16,389 residents, 7751 of which are male, and 8638 which are female. 14.8% of the residents are White, 43.2% Black, 9.2% Latino (which is very low compared to the rest of Miami), and 3.9% are from other races. The median age range for residents of Sunset, FL is 44.4 years which is 2.4 less than the rest of Florida. The average household income in Sunset, FL is $81772 which is much greater than the rest of the state of Florida since that is at $52,594 the estimated income per capita is $33358 in 2017 which grew a great amount since 2010, when it was $23,735. The average home values in Sunset, FL are $412,044 which is almost double that of the rest of the state, which is $214000.


Deep Dish Pizza: Yelp

Manhattan Chicago Pizza is a non-chain restaurant. New York style Italian food is served here. When I went into the restaurant, I was welcomed by a staff of four people which were all immediate family. I ordered a Fettuccine Alfredo as well as their famous Deep-Dish Pizza. I was provided with excellent service and the food was hot and fresh when it came out.


Daytime view of The Shops at Sunset Place entrance: Greater Miami and the Beaches

The Shops at Sunset Place is the most grossing place to be in the city of Sunset, FL. The Shops at Sunset Place is an open mall with great entertainment, dining, and shopping options. The AMC 24 is an excellent place to watch movies, and GameTime is also another option for entertainment. There are delicious spots to eat such as Buffalo Wild Wings. The Shops at Sunset Place is an excellent shopping mall that has all your favorite brands such as: Banana Republic, Barnes & Noble Superstore, Forever 21, Gap/Gap Kids, Hollister Co., It’s Sugar, Love Culture, The Disney Store, Victoria’s Secret and Z-Gallerie.


Sunset, FL is among the most overlooked cities in the entire Miami-Dade County. Even when you try googling the history, aside from Wikipedia there are very few sources that have any information. Sunset, FL is a city with beautiful homes and landscape. The quality of living is great, and it is in need of more respect as well as attention.

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