Javi Fernandez: Art Service 2019

On the third Sunday of every month, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami hosts Family Day, where parents and their kids are invited to make art and partake in different activities. I was fortunate enough to be able to volunteer in the December edition of Family Day! The day started at 10am with a brief tour of the staff-exclusive areas of the museum, and we then gathered supplies and set up all the necessary preparations for the event. We were assigned to one of four tents, each with a different activity. My tent was “Hand in Hand,” where kids and their parents trace their hand on construction paper, write a descriptive word on it, and tape it onto a wall, culminating in a free-form poem by the end.

This experience gave me much-needed practice in interacting with people. I was admittedly scared before the families started coming in, but the event was a lot more light-hearted and casual than I expected. Shortly after beginning, I was already comfortable enough to greet the families with a smile and explain the activity. The staff were also extremely nice people, and participated in the events with us. I am lucky to have had this opportunity at ICA Miami, and I am truly considering returning another month!

Reference Contact Information:

Itzel Basualdo


Family Day Volunteer – 12/15/19; 7 hours

Author: miamiastext

Admin Account for Miami in Miami

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