Matthew Haimes: Art Service 2019

Deering Estate Historic Holiday Stroll

For my Art Service project, I worked with the Deering Estate helping out with their Historic Holiday Stroll and making brochures for them to use regarding composting and the gopher tortoise. I arrived at 5pm for the stroll and met with Vanessa Trujillo their conservation and research specialist. For the event I would be guiding the traffic of the populous so that they would be able to find where the Stone House is. The event went from 7pm until 9pm and I was unable to sit down which resulted in a decent amount of effort from my part towards the ending of the event. Seeing all the lights that they set up and the amazing lengths they had gone put the absolute maximum Christmas spirit into each person that walked in was astonishing. After the event was over, we had to stay to clean up, which only lasted for so long because the people that attended the event were actually very tidy. It was an awesome experience and I was given the opportunity to go onto the top of the Stone House and see the rest of the Deering Estate which I will never forget.

Making the brochures was very tiresome, specifically because I had never made a brochure before. The research I had to go through on how to create a brochure and what type of info to put where felt like it took eons. After a few hours of work, I was done and I had just gotten multiple new skills in how to design and create a brochure such as organization, formatting, and composition. I was happy to help the Deering Estate with this project and I am glad I was able to learn new shortcuts to assembling different sets of media to help teach people of all age groups.

Overall, I found this experience very beneficial to my growth as a student as I have found new ways of working in environments than I am used to. I was also given the opportunity to work outside of my comfort zone in helping many people at the Historic Holiday Stroll as I am a very introverted person. When I was told to make the brochure I did not know how to go about creating it, but I spent some time learning the process and it was very rewarding and now I can create digital media much more efficiently than I could before.

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