Students at Untitled, Art. Miami Beach 18′ speaking to Jacob Nguyen of the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies © Liliana Fonte

Editor: Isabella Marie Garcia (spookyrose.wordpress.com)

[voks] · Noun · The latin word for voice

An independent platform for student expression. Using either spoken, visual, or written platforms, students can submit their works or personal thoughts on their experience within John William Bailly’s classes and events, whether it be study abroad or attending the Aesthetics and Values reception at the end of the spring semester. Your voices deserved to be heard and this is where they can echo and inspire other students.

Please email Isabella Marie Garcia, igarc118@fiu.edu, if you would like your piece, in any shape and form, placed on the VOX page.

steph !!.png
Stephanie Villavicencio looking over Paris, France at the Panthéon in the Latin Quarter © Stephanie Villavicencio

Anxiety Abroad by Stephanie Villavicencio
During her time as a student on John William Bailly’s France 2016 class, Stephanie shares her personal experience of dealing with anxiety as she studied abroad and tried to pass through the challenges it brought during her time away from home.

Natalie Brunelle, Jacqueline Martinez, and Sebastian Villanueva within Chicken Key’s mangroves © John William Bailly

Chicken Key, Canoes, and Challenges by Jacqueline Martinez 
On April 3rd, 2018, several students from John William Bailly’s courses signed up to help clean up any trash or debris that tends to wash up on Chicken Key’s shores, a tiny island a couple of miles away from the Deering Estate property. Jacqueline recaps her personal experience and those of others who joined her on the canoeing and cleaning journey.

abandoned drinks.png
Follow @abandoneddrinks on Instagram and direct message them your findings in order to be featured on their page.

Abandoned Drinks by Anonymous
Started anonymously by a couple of FIU students, Abandoned Drinks embodies the idea of looking closer at your surroundings, and the items left behind by others. Though based in Miami, Florida, Abandoned Drinks accepts submissions from all parts of the globe and would love to see your documentation of the lonely beverages that have come across your path.

FIU Honors students reading their ZipOdes at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens © John William Bailly

ZipOdes by FIU Honors College students
In collaboration with O, Miami and WLRN, FIU Honors College students were invited to write and share their own ZipOdes at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens on the evening of April 25th. ZipOdes, a hermit crab form of writing that is based on one’s postal code, allowed students to dedicate a brief passage to their own home, FIU, or Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. For more information, please go to http://wlrn.org/write-ode-your-zip-code.

The world is my classroom: study abroad to Italy by Anna Tuttle
In May of 2018, Anna Tuttle participated in Professor Bailly’s Honors Italia program. As part of the Summer Sojourns 2018 series highlighting the adventures of FIU students, Tuttle speaks on her experience and the lessons she learned on the trip.

Aaron Pupo, who completed both Spain and France study abroad during 2018, standing on a peak within the French Alps © John William Bailly

Sexuality in Spain: Ida by Aaron Pupo
As one of the many students participating in John William Bailly’s Spain 2018 class, Aaron Pupo presented this essay on the history of sexuality in Spain as one of the final projects for the course, with focus on the LGBT community in the past and present. The essay presents an in-depth look at the culture of sexuality within Spain and how it was and still is viewed.

Sofia Guerra of Art Society Conflict 2018 working on the Hay Installation at the Bakehouse Art Complex © Andreina Nicasio

Jack of all trades expanded; 
Bailly’s mini-army of Artists: 
Creativity Exposed
By Sofia Guerra
Enrolled in the inaugural class of Art Society Conflict, Sofia Guerra reflects on her experience in construction an installation entirely composed of hay bales, and the challenges she faced while working on the project with her peers.

AUTHOR(S) AND LAST UPDATE Isabella Marie Garcia & John William Bailly 12 December 2018

Author: John William Bailly

Professor/Painter/Study Abroad Faculty Director FIU Honors College

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