Amanda Sardinas: France as text 2022

Author: asardinas0110

Hello, my name is Amanda Sardinas (Yes, I know. My last name sounds like the fish sardines). I am a student at FIU (Florida International University) and I am aiming towards receiving my Bachelors in Communications Performance and Arts. I love my major because I learn a lot about people, their behaviors in the modern work place, culture, and how society has evolved. I have always been a people person and I hope to engage in a career where my daily duty is to help, guide, encourage, and inspire others. I love reading and am a complete movie buff. My two favorite novels are ''Jane Eyre'' by Charlotte Bronte and ''Call Me By Your Name'' by Andre Acliman. If you don't know, both these books are under the genre of romance because I am a hopeless romantic. If a movie has Tom Hanks casted and a book has a meaningful love story involved, I am instantly hooked. I find beauty and romance in the art of traveling. I hope my blog serves as a way to ignite a fire in those who view it. Embracing and learning about other cultures can help us develop a deep and meaningful understanding for the way different cultures juggle universal systems, as well as gain insight into the way in which others handle issues and how it differs from our given culture.

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