Yvania Muscadum: Miami as Text 2022

Yvania Muscadum was born and raised in Haiti then moved to the United States in 2013. She is a Junior at Florida International University majoring in Mathematics. Through her passion she has been able to help students struggling with math. As an active member of Homestead Evangelical Church of Homestead, she helps with the finance team. Yvania had encounter many opportunities in Florida which opened doors to a better future. She enjoys acting and have been part of theatrical play like ” Colored Museum, I have a Dream, and Identity theft. ” Yvania Believes that opportunities are given to establish a pathway for the next generations.

Deering Estate as text:

Photo taken by Yvania Muscadum, The prohibition era wine

Justice Favors the rich

by Yvania Muscadum of FIU at the Deering Estate. 1/28/22

Deering Estate is one of the most breathtaking places in Miami. It is so enriched with hidden history and the nature of it is next level. Charles Deering did an amazing job incorporate different culture to build the place. As soon as we stepped in this place, we were able to see the richness of it. Education should start at this place. To be able to learn about Tequesta, who led the path for all of our immigrants to Miami. To learn that they lived at Deering estate used shell, drank water that runs from Biscayne Bay was amazing.

The amazing part of Deering estate is to learn who built the place. Bahamian immigration worked to build history today. To learn that Deering Estate was mostly built by Afro-African, Afro-Bahamian in a time where segregation was still going on. Every story with beautiful memories has a sad part, and we want to take this moment to honor the workers that lost their lives in such tragically way. To learn that four workers were killed, and five injured from a dynamite explosion. The working conditions was dreadful, and the environment was not welcoming.

The most shocking place at the Deering Estate was the prohibition era wine. To learn that Charles had the courage to hide a hidden alcohol place was mind blowing. this secret room setting shoes that Charles had other people drinking with him. If we remember those times, with the prohibition alcohol was expensive to buy and not everyone could afford to go against the government. Justice at that time was in favor of the rich people. Not only he could import alcohol to his estate, but he could also drink with no problem. As we usually say, ” innocent until proven guilty,” in Charles states he was innocent by his fortune. To think with his military background, he would of being an exemplar, instead his fortune gave him a different path to do things middle class or poor people could not.

It was a great experience to visit the Deering Estate. One day we would be able to tell the next generation of what was thought at this place. We cannot forget history, the Tequesta sheltered at the estate, the burial, and the afro-Bahamian who built it. We were able to learn how money can be an innocent card for the rich.

Viscaya as text:

Photo taken by Yvania Muscadum,

J’ai dit, “Let there be Viscaya”

God said “Let there be light.” In 1912, James Deering with his fortune said Let there be Viscaya. A breath taking place that many people visited and enjoyed. With its beautiful structure and its historic ground, this place became the paradise James Deering wanted to have. By 1916, after he hired about 1000 workers James world was created. walking in Viscaya we can see different pieces imported from different country , which shows us how godly James Deering was at this place. He was able to showcase different culture from Europe, Italy, to the Spaniard the Europeans settlers to bring to life Miami in a chateau. A proud man like James Deering with Viscaya in his hand controlled who could entered the place

Photo taken by Yvania Muscadum

This beautiful place was never opened to everyone. For some it was a guest house, lodge, ” Un abris.” However, to others it was just a work place. Doing this era as we know, blacks was not welcome to many places. as we know that James hired more than 1000s worker, who many of them were Bahamians origin. This place was built by black workers who were underpaid, poorly mistreated, and mostly lived in segregated area. “j’ai dit” by James was a statement to proved his glory over the land, to showoff his fortune. For Black workers, “J’ai dit” is an understatement for Viscaya was build with their strengths, sweats, and their bare hands. A place they were not welcome to nor was acknowledge for their works. Most worked their whole life cleaning a place they could not sit or rest.

A place that today’s generations stepped in and touched with no issues. This place had a Moat which was a security measure for invaders. When God said let there be light, the Light shined on rich, poor, black or white. To think when James build Viscaya it would of being for all. Unfortunately, this place was limited to some well mostly to those who built it.

J. D created a retired place who became an historic place to many. A place which doors was open for one of our President and the pope. a place Black could not sit nor admirer which now all race, ethnicity, is enjoying.

Downtown as test:

Photo taken by Yvania Muscadum-dropped bowl with scattered slices by Oldenburg and Coosje

A broken custom, birth to our culture

Miami is known for its rich cultures, the sunny white sand beaches, and the amazing foods. A place we can say founded by a woman, built by many hardworking slaves, African Americans, immigrants, and the Seminoles. It is a city full of histories. Many suffered either by deception, betrayal, discrimination, injustice. But today we have a city with different race, ethnicity, culture. Miami have broken the stereotype, the traditions of the American life, and gave birth to a diversity lifestyle.

Photo taken by Yvania Muscadum/Wagner house

Living in Miami we get to see the mixed race, culture, foods, music, arts. The best part of this trip is to see the home of a mixed-race couple. Wagner married a Haitian woman who had her kids discriminated because of their skin color. They offered their homes to the Seminole and became a peacemaker them and the Northern settles. It is beautiful to see during the mid-1850s, the bravery of these couple is the foundation of what Miami is today.

Miami have opened its arm to many immigrants like: Haitians, Cubans, Mexicans… The world is not perfect, and today we are still fighting what our ancestors went through. However, we can see the beauty Miami holds. Miami would not have been what it is today without the diversity it holds. What create an amazing city is the people living in it. It is the memories, histories, traditions created as time pass by. We were able to break all customs and live free with different traditions that make us who we are.

SoBe as text:

Photo taken by Yvania Muscadum-park central hotel

A nest to rest

A bird will build her nest knowing it will be a safe place for abris. A place where they can lay eggs, protects their family from predators. South Beach is the place where everyone is welcome. A famous place visited by many: college students, tourists, celebrities and more. it is home to many and a retreat to others. The best place for vacation where you get to enjoy the amazing culture and the beautiful arts.

Today South Beach is open to everyone, blacks, jews, even the gay community. if we go back to history, we will see the injustice that the minorities encounter. this place was built by them, but others had the opportunity to enjoy it. This place is more than just a vacation spot or a haven. It is history. Many was rejected but today many is being acknowledge. It was built to attract a certain group of people, but today it is a sanctuary to all.

South beach is art on canvas. without having a background on South Beach, you will be intrigue by the color, structure, and nature. The uniqueness of Miami is the art deco. Anyone can spot the eye-catching architectural style. The bold colors, the geometric structure and its inspirational everyday object. From street food, events, arts, South Beath is the place of all. Memories can be created as well as shared.

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