MJ Ramirez: Miami as Text 2022 

Mariajose (MJ) Ramirez is a Junior at Florida International University studying Social Work to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work to continue with the Master’s curriculum in Higher education. This way, she can implement the mental health background acquired from Social Work education in her profession. In addition, MJ wants to help students and communities in the educational setting promote well-being and positive perspectives about student life and endorse social welfare programs for those with limited opportunities. Given her experience as an Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs in a Private University, she hopes to help students get the help, resources, and benefits as she understands the hardships of being a full-time student. Also, she wants to provide counseling and social and mental health for those dealing with such issues. MJ is also passionate about dancing, traveling, and mental health in the form of beauty and exercising. She hopes to balance her career and always stay in top of her hobbies and travel the world.

Deering As Text

“You got a tool there!” by MJ Ramirez of FIU at the Deering Estate on February 06,2022.

Photographs taken and edited by MJ Ramirez /CC by 4.0

Walking through the breezy and soothing wind, blowing my hair out of control, we hiked through a hidden and preserved natural spot. This incredible and unique spot holds treasures of about ten thousand years old. Surprised I was, as such rare shell bits laid out on the uneven trail. This trail that connected fresh water and mangroves was the extraordinary jewel of the Tequesta since it was the fruit of their existing community. Moreover, the Tequesta midden unlocks a world of the origin of hand-made and practical tools. From smoothed out and spear-like shell tools used in Tequesta daily lives to conch shells
“used as a type of drill.” These scattered and sticking-out tools were necessary for the Tequesta community before the suburban conquering of Miami.

This natural community of different ecosystems and rich history behind every step of the trail is vital to acknowledge and maintain safe from further threatening impacts. Exploring such natural and conserved environments is a meaningful and valuable experience for humans. We humans learn the community we are surrounded by and the ancestors who lived in our current geographical habitat through such understanding and lectures in this historic tour. Miami is said to have “no history,” and many residents are unaware and disconnected from the reality of where everything started. However, this preserved example shows a piece of vital information from the past that constructed Miami into today’s city.

Through this one-in-a-million experience, I felt refreshed and reflected on the powerful and unique history. But unfortunately, Miami’s sedentary and day-to-day lifestyle makes people lose themselves, forget the beautiful and captivating environment surrounding this city, and distance themselves from moments like these that are unlike any other. For this, it is necessary that residents in this natural community visit, learn, refresh their Miami standards and uplift this city as a natural habitat.

Vizcaya as Text 2022

“A Hidden Gem,” by MJ Ramirez of FIU at Vizcaya on February 27, 2022

Photographs Taken and Edited By MJ Ramirez/ CC By 4.0

A gem of details is my definition of Vizcaya. The significance of the Caravels is disguised within the architecture and art of the court and patio. Small things like “J’ai dit,” a French expression while walking upstairs to the bedrooms, remind guests of the intention behind this historic settlement. It makes you feel the classical and robust attachment to the European aesthetic while in the Miami ambiance. It is the Best of Both worlds!

The Vizcaya experience will surpass your expectations and take you into the significant 1900s era. The inspiration and dedication to evolve as part of history for future generations make it a more substantial element in our society. Why? Vizcaya helps us understand the previous generations’ viewpoints, art, purpose, and architecture and why James Deering wanted to express the European way of life. The passion for this work and time invested in building this marvelous creation, which is his Vizcaya settlement, captivates a person’s eyes.

Standing by James Deering’s balcony with the shoreline leading to the mansion makes you understand his efforts in the architecture and elements to perfect it this way. The flowy breeze is one glorious view the eye catches from Vizcaya to the bay. As I’m walking through the halls of each room, I envision what James Deering himself felt day-to-day living in this natural and unique environment. I catch myself daydreaming while looking through the art, sculptures, and detailed furniture of how exquisite it would be to spend time here at Vizcaya every day. It is a place where one can uncover life’s ecstasy with sceneries like no other.

Downtown as Text

“Diverse and Unique Miami,” by MJ Ramirez of FIU at Downtown Miami on March 20, 2022.

Photographs Taken and Edited By MJ Ramirez/ CC By 4.0

Miami is a city of diverse languages, nature, cultures, and art. The innumerable beliefs and perspectives of different people’s backgrounds insert the “spice” to the Neo-classical style of architecture. Because of this, each section of Miami-Dade county has directed the way many buildings and small pieces of art completed Miami’s unique adaptation. It is a shared and modern environment for people from foreign places to help contribute to the community of Miami-Dade. 

The courthouse, the monuments, and buildings allow Miamians to follow the history from the 1900s establishments. Furthermore, each installment creates a different social ambiance and, given the views of each specific location, helps promote diverse experiences. The fantastic thing about Miami is that it allows daily tourists, visitors, and residents to acknowledge the beautiful, diverse communities. Because of this, welcoming people who want to improve Miami’s diverse community is essential. Downtown Miami has many establishments that contributed to the city’s development, including The Miami-Dade County Courthouse, the Freedom Tower, the Adrienne Arsht Center, and the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum, motivating one to explore the captivating city of Miami.

SoBe as Text

“ Revival,” by MJ Ramirez of FIU at South Beach Miami on April 1st, 2022.

Photographs Taken and Edited By MJ Ramirez/ CC by 4.0

It is unbelievable how Miami once was a peaceful and modest area where many elderly would spend their morning and afternoons grabbing coffee and strolling around the beach. However, it is now a robust social community where many people worldwide can view the Art Deco transformation from generations and many preserved historic buildings. This is due to its popularity for reflecting the 20th-century revival that resembles such a generation’s fascination, like a toaster or refrigerator from buildings designs. Moreover, it helps tourists and residents live in that era and navigate through the time to truly feel the ambiance created through such art.

Photographs Taken and Edited By MJ Ramirez/ CC By 4.0

South Beach is a famous destination where many dreams of experiencing the unique architecture and glamorous art and culture that it has become from multiple backgrounds and perspectives that have characterized the city. It is a unique and social environment that helps one understand the community and educate oneself on the history of Miami and how it came to be so known. South Beach holds historical treasures that many seem to dismiss. However, on the east side of Ocean Drive is the memorial of a strong and passionate woman named Barbara Capitman. Barbara was an activist that fought to protect the Art Deco in South Beach and founded a Miami Design Preservation League to hold the unique treasures of history in the art of each building in the Art Deco neighborhood. Because of this, we can understand and appreciate the extraordinary surroundings and history in South Beach for such spirited efforts given.

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