Jared Johnson: Kendall 2022

Picture of Jared Johnson. Photo taken by Shae J./ CC by 4.0

Student Bio

My name is Jared Johnson and I am a 21-year old senior at Florida International University. I grew up and spent most of my life in Georgia but moved to South Florida in 2019. I am majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration. After graduation, I want to work in cybersecurity while continuing to expand my online businesses.


Kendall City Limits. Photo taken from Google Maps./ CC by 4.0

Kendall is an unincorporated census-designated area in Miami-Dade County. It is a large suburb of the greater Miami Metro Area and it is bordered by US-1 on the East, the Turnpike on the west, Snapper Creek Canal on the North, and the Cutler Drain Canal on the South. Kendall contains a lot of residential communities, however, it is noticeably more urban than other surrounding areas, such as Pinecrest. In spite of being more urbanized, there are still plenty of foliage and parks which gives Kendall more of a natural atmosphere.

Kendall Natural Landscape. Photo taken by Jared Johnson./ CC by 4.0


The land that is currently considered to be Kendall was purchased from the State of Florida by the Florida Land and Mortgage Company in 1883. It was named after the director of Florida Land and Mortgage Company, who was Henry John Broughton Kendall. Development of Kendall was really slow in the early 1900s. There was a growth boom in the early 1920s and subsequently in the 1960s and 70s. Since Kendall is not incorporated, it does have specific boundaries in which it is assigned as a CDP. However, whenever someone referred to “Kendall” it would generally refer to the various neighborhoods and communities encompassing it. In the 1950’s, “Kendall” referred to the areas in and around present-day Pinecrest. Since then, areas referred to as “Kendall” have consistently shifted West until you get to the current boundaries used today. (“Kendall, Florida”)


Kendall has a population of 80,241 residents, as of 2020. There are 18.2% of residents that are under 18 years, 63.1% that are between 18 and 64 years old, and 18.7% that are 65 and older. Kendall is made up of 53% of the population being female and 47% being male. It is a mostly white community with 87.5% of the population being white, with 22.6% being non-Hispanic white. 

The median household income level is $73,612. Comparatively, the median household income of Miami-Dade county is $51,347 and the state of Florida’s is $55,660. This shows that Kendall is a middle class community making slightly more than the state and county median income levels. However, it is not as high as some areas surrounding Kendall, such as Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay. (“U.S. Census”)


The Falls Shopping Center

The Falls Shopping Center is a 55-acre shopping center located on the southeast side of Kendall. This shopping center has more than 100 restaurants, stores, and cafes. The Falls has many tropical plants and foliage, along with numerous waterfalls placed throughout the complex. This, along with their diverse range of stores, makes The Falls a commonly visited tourist destination. The Falls Shopping Center can be easily accessed by car and has plenty of accessible parking. However, it also is easily accessible by public transportation, having a bus stop right on the property. (“About The Falls”)

The address is: 8888 SW 136 St., Miami, FL 33176 

Rockdale Pineland Preserve

The Rockdale Pineland Preserve is a 39-acre Pine Rockland ecosystem located between US-1, SW 92nd Ave, and SW 144th St. Pine Rocklands are considered to be globally imperiled ecosystems that only occur in Miami-Dade County, The Keys, and some parts of the Bahamas. More than 20% of the plant species in the Pine Rocklands cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Miami-Dade used to be covered by over 180,000 acres of Pine Rocklands, and as of 1996, only 2% of the Pine Rocklands remained. This was first discovered by Miami-Dade County in 1985 and was soon thereafter placed on the list of conservation lands available for purchase. The Deltoid Spurge, an endangered plant species, was discovered on the preserve and solidified its status as a preserved land. Due to this, the land cannot be used for development. (“Rockdale Pineland”)

The address is: SW 152nd St, Miami, FL 33176

MDC Kendall Campus

Miami-Dade College Kendall Campus is located on a 185 acre chunk of land and has been open and enrolling students since 1967. MDC Kendall Campus offers Bachelor’s degree, Associates degree, college credit and vocational certificate programs, and Continuing Education and professional development opportunities. In addition to academic opportunities, MDC has galleries for artists in Building M for them to display their works. Fred Shaw Plaza offers a cultural experience, including comedy shows, live music, and poetry readings. MDC Kendall also offers a state of the art Fitness and Wellness Center, equipped with an olympic sized pool, strength and cardio equipment, and athletic fields outside. (“MDC Kendall Campus”)

The address is: 11011 SW 104th St, Miami, FL 33176


Kendall Indian Hammocks Park
Kendall Indian Hammocks Park. Photo taken by Matt Horter./ CC by 4.0

Kendall Indian Hammocks Park is a park and recreational complex with a 32-acre nature preserve, two Disc Golf courses, one nature playground featuring a variety of playset for children, exercise fitness zone with free equipment for all, and a skate park featuring multiple ramps and platforms for people to use. The park also has other services that are not free to the public but can be accessed with a charge. This would include three softball fields, five covered picnic areas that can fit up to 100 people. This includes nine tables, water and electricity access, and BBQ grills. They also have a picnic canopy that is covered in Oak trees, comprised of 11 tables that can fit 100 people. Kendall Indian Hammocks Park also has an Action Sports Plaza, which is a 14,000 square foot outdoor concrete plaza and can be used for skating. (“Kendall Indian Hammocks Park”)

The address is: 11395 SW 79 Street, Miami, FL

Snapper Creek Park

Snapper Creek Park is located on the North end of Kendall near the Snapper Creek canal, in a quiet neighborhood off of 88th St. Snapper Creek Park is one of the smaller ones in the area, but it contains a small playground for children and a walking trail that covers the perimeter of the park. Multiple benches are located around the park with trees covering the bench for shade on a warm, sunny day. (“Snapper Creek Park”)

The address is: 10280 SW 80th St, Miami, FL 33173

Rock Ridge Park

Rock Ridge Park is located on the West end of Kendall near the Turnpike, right off of SW 117th Ave. This is a small to medium sized park compared to nearby sites, but contains plenty of amenities suitable for making it worthwhile for those nearby to stop by. Rock Ridge Park contains a walking path that goes along the perimeter and through the center of the park, with foliage and palm trees lined along the walking path. The park also has a large playground in the center with benches located not too far away so parents can keep an eye on their children playing. Rock Ridge also has easily accessible parking spaces, so parking should not be an issue. (“Rock Ridge Park”)

The address is: 10810 SW 117 Avenue, Miami, FL



Taking a car is usually the most common form of transportation found in Kendall. Almost every place in Kendall is accessible by car and it is the easiest form of transportation. Unlike more dense areas, such as downtown, there is usually always parking accommodations at whichever destination in Kendall. The roads are easy to navigate and follow a numerical grid pattern. However, as with most places in Miami, there will be heavy traffic and congestion during rush hours. This causes significant delays and makes alternate forms of transportation more desirable. 


Like most places in Miami, Kendall has lots of bus stops throughout the town. If someone does not wish to take a car, taking a bus is usually the secondary preferred mode of transportation. Kendall has dedicated bus roads that travel along US 1 and go to various areas throughout the city. The city buses are easy to access, cheap, and available to everyone. 


Kendall also has points of access to get on the metrorail. On the north end of Kendall, there is the Dadeland South metrorail station. This is the southernmost station on the metrorail and connects Kendall to Downtown Miami, and the airport. 


Biking is a less common form of transportation in Kendall, but still possible if done carefully. Not everywhere is easily accessible by biking since there are not always dedicated cycling lanes like you would find in other parts of Miami.


Siam Dragon Asian Bistro

Siam Dragon Asian Bistro is located in the Greenery Mall right off of 88th St. and next to Palmetto Expressway. Siam Dragon has a wide assortment of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai dishes. However, they are most well known for their Chinese dishes. On the inside, it’s a fairly small establishment with authentic looking decor along the walls. The hours Monday-Thursday are from 11AM until 10:30PM, Friday is from 10:30AM until 10:30PM, Saturday is from 12PM until 10:30PM, and Sunday is from 3:30PM until 10PM. (“Siam Dragon Miami”)

The address is: 7748 N Kendall Dr, Miami, FL 33156

Tacos and Tattoos

Tacos and Tattoos is a family owned restaurant business located on the West end of Kendall near the Turnpike off of Killian Parkway. Tacos and Tattoos is an establishment which boasts ‘food and culture’ as their atmosphere. They feature a multitude of art works by local artists all along the walls and throughout the restaurant. As stated in the name, they specialize in tacos, but have many other items on the menu as well such as quesadillas, steak dishes, burritos, fajitas, and more. The hours Monday-Thursday are from 12PM until 11PM, Friday and Saturday are 12PM until 12AM, and Sunday is 11AM until 10PM. (“Tacos and Tattoos”)

The address is: 11790 SW 104th St, Miami, FL 33186

Naruto 88 Bistro

Naruto 88 Bistro is located on the North end of Kendall off of SW 88th St, and is known for their Japanese cuisine and unique atmosphere. Some of the items offered at Naruto 88 Bistro are Salmon Roll, Nigiri, Hamachi Roll, Stir-fried Pork Udon, Katsu Pork Poke Bowl, and a variety of ramen dishes. In order to make it a more immersive experience, the interior of the restaurant is full of Naruto and other anime decor. The staff is also dressed in attire notable from the anime Naruto. The hours Monday-Friday are 12PM until 10PM, Saturday and Sunday are 11:30AM until 10PM. (“Naruto 88 Bistro”)

The address is: 10471 N Kendall Dr, Miami, FL 33176

Unique Businesses

Arcade Odyssey

Arcade Odyssey is located in southwest Kendall, off of SW 117th Ave. It opened in 2011 and is the only arcade of its kind in all of Miami-Dade county. Arcade Odyssey offers a wide assortment of different arcade games and activities. Some of these include rare imported classic and retro arcade games, new fighters and shoot em’ ups, and a multitude of pinball machines. Along with being an arcade, Arcade Odyssey is also a LAN center and Esports arena, possessing a large variety of consoles. They are the only arcade in the world that offers streaming directly from the arcade machines. In addition, they carry a large selection of imported snacks and drinks. The hours are Monday-Thursday from 2PM until 12AM, Friday from 2PM until 2AM, Saturday from 12PM until 2AM, and Sunday from 12PM until 10PM. (“Arcade Odyssey”)

The address is: 12045 SW 117 Avenue, Miami, FL 33186 

Kingslayer Cards

Kingslayer Cards is a very small establishment located in a warehouse district off of SW 87th Ave, that specializes in selling rare trading cards. They mainly operate via their online store, which has processed over 10,000+ orders; however, their physical location is open for walk-ins to view their collection. Occasionally, various tournaments are hosted at their physical store, with the schedule posted on their webpage. The hours Monday-Friday are from 4PM until 10PM, Saturday from 2PM until 10PM, and Sunday from 2PM until 8PM. (“Kingslayer Cards”)

The address is: 8705 SW 129th Terrace, Miami, FL, 33176

Asian Mart

Asian Mart is a small Asian grocery store located on the west end of Kendall, off of SW 88th St. They offer a wide variety of authentic foods, ingredients, spices, and other items. The prices offered are reasonable for the quality and the shelves are always stocked with whatever someone might be looking for. The hours Monday-Friday are from 10AM until 8PM, Saturday from 10AM until 9PM, and Sunday from 10:30AM until 8PM. (“Asian Mart Kendall”)

The address is: 11614 N Kendall Dr, Miami, FL 33176


Kendall is an unincorporated census designated area in the Miami metro that contains a lot of residential areas. When people think of Kendall, the residential areas are usually what comes to mind. It does, however, have more urban areas than surrounding areas. Due to higher urban density, Kendall has many busy roads and highways that make it more difficult to use alternate modes of transportation, such as walking or biking. It also experiences significant heavy traffic during rush hours of the day, which can make traveling by car even less desirable. However, Kendall has lots of unique places to eat and businesses to visit, which makes the poor transportation easy to overlook.


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