Kylee Andrade: Chosen Neighborhood 2022-2023

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“The Mystical Oasis” by Kylee Andrade of FIU at Upper Buena Vista Miami on December 9th, 2022.

Photographs taken and edited by Kylee Andrade/ CC by 4.0.

If there were two words to describe Upper Buena Vista it would be a “mystical oasis” as this location serves to be Miami’s most recognized sanctuary for artisans and merchants seeking to sell their craftsmanship to the world of tourists and locals. As one walks through the main entrance, the open space mall welcomes visitors to “Relax…. Breathe… and Recharge….” This allows all to truly take in the mall, outside shops, restaurants, entertainment, and magical bodhi trees that surround the area. Upper Buena Vista also fosters artisan services (spa and relaxing treatments), micro boutiques (selling art pieces, clothes, jewelry, and handcrafted hats), holistic and wellness events (such as mindfulness and yoga sessions), and restaurant services (serving food from different nationalities ranging from Israeli to Colombian to Turkish food!) Truly, this place has the power to leave anyone speechless from its beauty to its multicultural services!

Photographs taken and edited by Kylee Andrade/ CC by 4.0.

One of my favorite shops that Upper Buena Vista offered was that of the “Khemla” crystal shop and the “Wanahat” handcrafted hat store. I chose to mention the Khemla shop because it sells some of the most beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and jewelry all made with or containing crystals from all types of precious rocks. Truly, this shop was special as re-imagines what healing can look like which may include the utilization of crystals and holistic healing through them. Personally, this shop impacted me as it reminded me of the yoga center that I used to attend when I lived in Weston, FL where we would tale crystals to our hearts and meditate on the healing power that it held to eliminate negative thoughts and obstructive energy to allow the flow of constructive and healing energy in our lives. Moreover, the other shop that also stuck out to me was that of the Wanahat store which carried hand-made hats from all different styles including divergent colors, textures, and designs. This hat shop reminded me of my home country’s hat shops that would sell authentic 100% hand-crafted Panama “sombreros”. This same shop in my country also had a factory that would demonstrate all the hard labor that would go into making the hats which earned my profound interest and respect for the workers and the designers who so carefully crafted the hats.

Photographs taken and edited by Kylee Andrade/ CC by 4.0.

The must-go restaurant spot to eat from in Upper Buena Vista has to be “La Branja”. This is an Israeli-inspired restaurant that infuses both Israeli palette and Latin American food combinations and creates elevated ingredients that please global audiences. In order to get a reservation to this restaurant, one must first book it online as this exclusive restaurant is only available for booking at 7:00pm or 9:00pm every night with no walkings allowed. It even has a dress code for a “smart nostalgia and 1970s” inspired wardrobe! Moreover, a must-go dessert location that one has to absolutely taste if not explore is called “Sweet Epico” which is a craft pastry that carries sweet and traditional pastries ranging from yummy macaroons to salty crepes! If you have a sweet tooth like me, you MUST visit this location as it is a guaranteed show-stopper for desserts. The reason for why I included this location is because it brought me back to when I went inside a French pastry shop for the first time, carrying the sweet aromas of freshly baked macaroons and chocolate croissants. So, if you are looking for a French-styled pastry shop, visit Sweet Epico in Upper Buena Vista!

Photographs taken and edited by Kylee Andrade/ CC by 4.0.

Overall, visiting Upper Buena Vista was one of my favorite experiences as I got to explore countless multicultural restaurants, shops, and boutiques that each was uniquely designed and exhibited in their own way. Truly, the clothing shops and restaurants in Upper Buena Vista have a nostalgic power to take you back in time and remind you of your past experiences in similar shops whether it be from your hometowns or places you have traveled to. If a location was a perfect embodiment of Miami, it would be Upper Buena Vista as it represents the cultural melting pot of many nationalities coming together and creating an oasis of pure ineffable beauty and mystical energy.

 Chosen Neighborhood as Text Part 2

“Dining and Dancing” by Kylee Andrade of FIU at the city of Doral Miami on March 31st, 2023.

Photographs taken and edited by Kylee Andrade/ CC by 4.0.

The city of Doral is such a magnificent representation of Miami’s lively spirit of entertainment and cultural diversity as the city is filled with multicultural restaurants, night-live events, dancing clubs, luxury entertainment spots, and recreational parks for all. Truly, the city of Doral is like no other with its major iconic locations for food, entertainment, and leisure activities which are mostly seen in “City Place Doral” and “Downton Doral”. In these locations, everyone can take pleasure in experiencing all the culture, music, cuisine, and amusement that Miami has to offer. Personally, I chose this Neighborhood as it perfectly resembles the living spirit of Miami, encouraging one to savor the little moments of life through dancing, tasting, and experiencing the hidden pleasures of life.

 Photographs taken and edited by Kylee Andrade/ CC by 4.0.

As I previously mentioned, City Place Doral is one of the most popular locations to spend the night as it is filled with many shops, elegant restaurants, nightclubs, luxury movie theaters, and entertainment that make a normal Saturday night become an extraordinary night with music, dance, and play. Specifically, the most enjoyable location filled with activities, live music, and great food is that of “Kings Dinning & Entertainment” which is a high-end venue that offers entertainment services such as bowling, dinner selections, billiards, live DJs, karaoke rooms, bars, and adult arcades. Personally, I love having my birthday celebrations here as it provides activities for everyone to enjoy while eating hand-crafted recipes that are so enjoyable when koreoking or bowling with friends and family. Moreover, another personal destination that I enjoy spending the weekend nights with my friends is dining and dancing in “Cooper Blues”. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, a savory meal, and a live music band to play all your favorite tunes, don’t forget to visit Cooper Blues in City Place Doral!! Truly, my most favorite memory was celebrating my best friend’s birthday in Cooper Blues where we had the juiciest burgers and the most enjoyable time dancing to amazing artists and talented music groups singing throughout the night. Lastly, if you are looking for a relaxing and pleasurable night, make sure you make a stop at CineBistro in City Place Doral. Believe me… this luxury dine-in movie theater will take your breath away! From the elegant selection of the food menu to the luxurious leather seats of the theater, CineBistro is a hidden gem in City Place Doral as it treats you to the most luxurious and relaxing experience you deserve with the most affordable prices!

 Photographs taken and edited by Kylee Andrade/ CC by 4.0.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a more sophisticated and calming way to spend your weekends, visiting Downtown Doral is a must!! Downtown Doral is the hotspot for brunches, dinners, and recreational facilities when visiting Doral. Truly, this town center is captivating with its lights, luxury dining selections, versatile dessert options, and recreational centers such as its park with relaxing walking trails and greenery for all to enjoy. Specifically, the restaurant options in this town center are just magnificent as it carries food from all over the world including Asian, Peruvian, Mexican, American, Cuban, Italian, Mediterranean, and French cuisine. However, if you are overwhelmed with the pressure of going one-by-one into restaurants to explore their options, I suggest you go to “Doral Yard” which is a food venue that carries food options ranging from Asian, Hispanic, and American food for everybody to savor!  My favorite meal from the venue was eating the “Asian and Mexican infused Poke Bowl” which combined the traditional recipe of Poke Bowl and combined it with Mexican spices such as Chipotle and Salsa Verde into the meal. Additionally, if you have a sweet tooth for a unique but savory dessert that will leave your taste buds screaming for more, I suggest you stop at “Spiked Rich Ice Cream and Shakes”. This ice cream shop is like no other as it’s the most unique ice cream spot that makes all its ice cream and milkshakes with nitrogen ice which elevates the flavor of normal ice cream to the next level. Also, they have dairy-free options for those that can’t eat dairy products or consume lactose like me! Lastly, amidst the busy shops and restaurants, Downton Doral has a recreational park that offers a break from the city with its greenery, walking trails, picnic tables, and playgrounds for everyone to enjoy. After an overwhelming day, I love to have picnics here with my friends and take in all the nature that the park has to offer.


Photograph taken and edited by Kylee Andrade/ CC by 4.0.

Overall, the city of Doral is the best center of food, dance, and recreation as it offers so many diverse restaurants, night live events, entertainment locations, and parks that turn any normal Friday or Saturday night into the most enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Not only does the city of Doral embody Miami’s spirit of adventure and excitement but it resembles the cultural melting pot that Miami is most known for as it offers versatile foods from all over the world with cultural night live events for dancing and exploring. Truly, Doral is more than just a city with elegant lights, restaurants, and clubs but rather offers a small glimpse of the hidden beauty that Miami holds which is in the diversity and authenticity that people from all over the world bring into the city.

Author: kyleeandrade

Kylee Andrade is a Senior pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a certification in National Security Studies at Florida International University. She belongs to the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) aspiring to commission as a Second Lieutenant Officer in the Military Intelligence Branch of the Army. Kylee’s passions include camping, traveling, playing sports, watching criminal documentaries, and volunteering. Ever since she was five years old, her dream had been to work for the intelligence community as an FBI Special Agent as growing up in South America had truly opened her eyes to the fatalities of violence and crime corrupting her neighborhood streets in her hometown Ecuador. Therefore, she is compelled to work for the federal government agencies after serving 8 years in the Army to ensure the overall protection of not only her community but her country as a whole by combating global issues such as human trafficking, transnational crime, terrorism, and public corruption. Lastly, she hopes to create an impact in the lives of those she meets with her extroverted and fun-loving personality to inspire kindness and compassion in the world.

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