Jaslyn Gorina: Miami as Text 2023

Jaslyn at Little Hen by Jaslyn Gorina// CC by 4.0

Jaslyn is a junior at FIU and is part of the wonderful honors college. She is a biology and interdisciplinary major and on a pre-med track. She loves soccer, animals, and nature. She is deeply interested in all things medicine and is still planning post grad life. She hopes to use her compassion and knowledge to heal people in the future.


As we start the first part of one of the most amazing experiences, I am excited for what’s to come. I have never been so anxious and eager to be somewhere. I know the trip will come and go fast but I am already enjoying and learning more about the culture of my home. I am in this class to hopefully find a culture in Miami not based on stereotype but based on its actual origin and influences. Italy has influenced many realms across the globe, fashion, food, wine, religion, and government. It is something that we see here in Miami too. I am motivated to make this class and this trip a life altering experience. I am nervous for the obstacles ahead, as I know this will take a physical and mental toll on me, but I know it will lead to personal growth in the end. I’m going into Italy knowing that it is one of the most beautiful and historical countries in the world (with some amazing food too). When I think of Italy, I think of a both modern but simple country. Italy (romans) was the birth of democracy. A system I respect and see/participate in on a government and personal level. I think of Italy’s ancient history and influence on mankind. Italy’s art and artists are probably the most influential and famous, therefore, I think of the amazing statues, art pieces and architecture that it holds. I think of the slower pace people run at and truly believe that’s how life should be lived. I think of wine and pasta and fresh air. I think of no AC and expensive water :(. I think of the coast and its beautiful waters. I know Italy has a lot to offer and I hope to be able to learn from the people and the country and professor Bailly ;). I have dreamed about traveling to Europe since I was young, but I’ve always been infatuated with Italy. My aunt lived there for years while I was growing up and would always bring back amazing gifts and stories about the country. I was supposed to travel to Italia after graduating high school, but my chance was struck down due to covid. I never got the opportunity to go again until now! Last summer my sister made this voyage and has filled me with such excitement and hope. I hope this program can help me appreciate a new culture and make me a more knowledgeable individual. I want this experience to carry on with me even when I return back to Miami and still be able to take the information and experiences from Italy in my day-to-day life. I hope this experience changes how I view the world and opens my eyes to new people, lifestyle, food, and culture. Surprisingly, the places I am looking forward to seeing are the Vatican and other historical buildings. I am not a religious person, but I did grow up catholic and appreciate the beautiful, detailed art that it produces. I know these places are not accessible to everyone and therefore I feel very privileged to be able to see these wonders in my lifetime. I hope this trip is the highlight of my college experience and is something that I can reminisce and appreciate for the rest of my life!


I believe that the question posed, “Are we Rome?”, is fitting for our current social and political situation. The United States has grown exponentially since its establishment and has military and stakes globally. I think ancient Rome was very advanced for its time and was arguably one of the most important and influential societies of humankind. We see its influence on this day in how we run our government. One of the foundations of the United States governments was the idea that it was a government ruled by the people, a concept originally from Romans and their senates we also see roman architecture all over government building and many roman symbols in our government documents/items. In our social sphere we see roman influence in architecture and art. We still admire and gather to view the enormous, lifelike statues chiseled by stone. Many important statues produced were copies of roman statues of figures bronzed and displayed for all to see. Even the posing and inclusions of the statues almost directly copy those of ancient Rome. Commonly seen are horses, eagles, and fasces. Some ways of life that I prefer from ancient Rome was their comfort with sex and of the human body. Modern day that is something Americans heavily sensor and reject in public. Some of the most beautiful and notable works are those of ancient Rome. They capture the smallest details of humans and create lifelike reproductions of a human with marble and other elements. Since ancient romans did not stray away from sexual nature. I think it produced some of the most breath taking and important works that are seen and used globally. Another aspect of ancient rime that I prefer are the artwork of the era. They used many different materials with limited technology and were still able to create huge pieces of art with astounding detail. Some of the techniques used by ancient romans can’t even be reproduced at the same caliber and quality as the original. I think the importance that romans put into artwork and architecture were the most influential globally and personally the most beautiful of styles because of the precision and detail. Some practices of ancient Rome that I reject are the misogyny and mistreatment of women.  Although it wasn’t the most restrictive cultures for women, they were stilled viewed as second class citizens and were not given the same weight in society. In ancient Rome women were able to run businesses, divorce, and be openly sexual, something that some modern day women are not granted. At the same time women were second to men in society and in the household. They had almost no influence in government and a women’s opinion was silent compared to a man. another concept I reject from ancient Rome was its constant usage of violence to solve issues. I believe, although imperfect, that the judicial system we have developed is a fair way to punish and enforce laws. The people and those in power are all subject to these laws.

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