Lisbeth Tejera: Miami as Text 2023

Photograph by Lisbeth Tejera, 2022

“The Start of the Finish line”

by Lisbeth Tejera at Florida Interantional University (FIU) January 27,2022

Italy? A country found on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Holding a distance of 5,183 miles away from our beloved home, Miami. A nation is filled with riches shown through its cities, ancient ruins, towering agriculture, and countless sensational artworks. Italy would easily land on anyone’s bucket list. Lisbeth, aka me, is found to be no different. I wish to expand my horizons with new cultures, foods, settings, and roles. This experience mainly has to do with me wanting to avoid my comfort zones, to push forth boundaries that are typically untouched. To be able to leave the cocoon of that known as my parents. In addition to this newfound independence that could be found in Italy. I get to learn more about a completely different country than that of my own. Able to gather similarities and differences between my home and an Italian to see how all beginning intertwine at one point or another. From the geographics to agriculture to the people and ending the food. While all this is great, I also want to thank my impulsiveness for being a massive contributor to me being in this class and at the start of this incredible journey.

Feelings? Happiness? Sadness? Nervous? Motivated? Honestly, I don’t know how or what I should feel now. It should be a mixture of all the emotions listed above. But, as of right now, I feel just fine. It would have to do with the fact that this whole has yet to sink in. Of course, most things are already planned. Half of the trip is paid for, the plane tickets are booked, and the extra nights I am staying are booked, yet it does not fill real. I don’t know when it will finally sink in. It could be two days from when I am on the plane when I arrive in Italy or during my trip. Until then, I will be going through the days until the day I arrive in Italy.

What do I know? Besides, what I see on television and some basic historical facts that one learns throughout the years. My knowledge of Italy is very limited. From movies, I know things about the Colosseum and how, in the old ages, there used to be a sports stadium where the Romans would gather a watch the gladiator fights. I know that the tower of Pisa exists, but I would have no further knowledge considering it. I understand how Italians are very crazy about their wines, spaghetti, and pizza. As of last week, I could proudly state in which city Pizza originally came from. Of course, it was in Italy but in the city of Naples, in which flatbreads with toppings were first consumed by ancient Romans, Greeks, and so forth. But most of my knowledge consists of tourist traps, what one could see from movies, and silly little facts here and there. Until the end of this trip, this paragraph will prolong from five to six sentences to five to six pages.

Expectations? I do not hold any expectations; expect the guarantee of having a wonderful time in a new country. Italy may not be new to some, it may even be called ancient, but for little old me, it is as new as a car in the dealership parking lot.

I look forward to everything I encounter and cannot wait for the next step.

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