A&V 2018 Reception

AESTHETICS & VALUES The FIU Honors College Aesthetics & Values seminar examines the vital role visual art plays in the social and cultural dialogue surrounding controversial issues. It investigates how artists have challenged or enforced authority by creating new aesthetics. It further explores how art is used to initiate, accelerate, or combat social change. The heart of the course is the Aesthetics & Values Research and Exhibition Project.

The photographs below were all taken by Galina Abdel Aziz, a student-curator of A&V 2018. Please feel free to use these images, but always attribute the photos to Galina.

A&V 2018 Catalog
A&V 2018 Installation
A&V 2018 Reception
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AUTHOR(S) AND LAST UPDATE Stephanie Sepúlveda &John William Bailly  23 April 2018

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