Ineffable Miami 2022-2023

Ineffable Miami is Miami as seen by the students of John William Bailly of the FIU Honors College. Ineffable Miami provides each student with the opportunity to create an academic travel guide to a neighborhood of Miami.

This is the Directory of the Ineffable Miami students projects for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022.

The Teaching Assistant is Claudia Martinez.

Miami in Miami 305 2022.2023
George Coba
Laura Hernandez Nuñez
Grace Mccullough
Frank Mediavilla Ponce
Mariano Mendez Perez
Beatriz Muelas
Christopher Myers
Jeanine Prado
Jennifer Rodriguez
Melanie Rodriguez
Toni Slebi
Nicolas Uribe
Cortrina Williams

Miami in Miami 786 2022.2023
Kylee Andrade
Maria Bracamonte
Anette Cepero
Skye Duke
Aleidy Encarnacion Mojica
Nico Fajardo Vasquez
Genesis Lee-Smith
Marco-Dan Lund-Hansen
Nikolas Lund-Hansen
Julianna Rendon
Rafael Vasquez
Andrew Vazquez

John William Bailly  & Claudia Martinez 24 November 2021

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