Toledo as Text


“Different Cultures, One City” by Dariana Martinez Uliver @_darianamartinez of @fiuinstagram at @toledoturismo

Toledo – a city that is rich in medieval Islamic, Jewish, and Christian cultures; a city that embraces coexistence; a city that I have fallen in love with. Standing on the edge of a cliff and admiring the beautiful landscape of Toledo in the distance has forced me to realize how little I know about the world, how little of it I have seen, and how much more I have yet to explore. To think that Toledo was once the capital of Spain and home to distinct cultures allows one to ponder about the passage of time and the events going on today that are driven by power, revenge, and intolerance. It is clear that history will continue to repeat itself in an endless cycle of war, for coexistence is difficult to attain and the strive for power will never subside. Breathing in the fresh air, combating the scorching heat, and conquering my fear of heights, I have fostered a love for a city that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Students will explore the city of Toledo, Spain. Each student will select one aspect of Toledo to reflect upon. The subject selected can be a person, place or event.

Format and submission guidelines for Miami as Text:
How to do a Miami as Text

All posts must start as the following example:
“Title of Your Reflection” by Your Name @yourinstagramaccount of @fiuinstagram at @toledoturismo

Projects will be posted on a social media public forum, which will enable the host institution to engage student perceptions. This provides students with the opportunity to engage in a community dialogue in regards to their work. This should not impact student perspective or analysis. Your professor and the host institutions are interested in a genuine experience and honest reflection.


Miami as Text is the world as seen by the students of Florida International University.

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 John William Bailly 25 AUGUST 2019

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