UNTITLED as Text 2018

On December 8th, 2018, FIU Honors students visited the UNTITLED, Art. fair in Miami Beach. The students heard from Omar López-Chahoud, the Artistic Director of UNTITLED. They were also welcomed by AMLgMATD, The Cindy Rucker GalleryGirls’ Club, Harlan Levey ProjectsThe LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies at Columbia University, and Sapar Contemporary.

Professor John William Bailly and Florida International University would like to recognize UNTITLED, Art.’s commitment to community and education in opening the fair to our students. The students of Art Society Conflict 2018-2019 and Poetry Art Community 2018-2019 would also like to thank Clara Andrade Pereira and Amanda Schmitt of UNTITLED, Art. for their generosity in welcoming them to the fair.

Following their experience at UNTITLED, Art. Miami Beach 2018, students shared their voices and opinions through photographs and personal reflections.

Laz Ojalde & Natalie Zlamalova of AMLgMATD speak to the students of ASC & PAC Fall 2018 © Liliana Fonte

Art is a Process
by Tabitha Gato @tabii_cat of @fiuinstagram at @untitledartfair

Prior to experiencing the Untitled Art Fair, I had never been to an art show or fair in my life. I do love art and visiting museums, but nothing compares to art shows. I have been to the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, Spain and the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. However, the historical, renowned artworks in such museums are completely different to the works in art fairs. I learned to appreciate the process it takes to create, market, and sell art, as well as the process artists go through in order to one day become an artist featured in well-known museums. I did not know the pressure artists have attending such fairs in order to make a living and make it in the “art world.” According to both local and global artists, it doesn’t matter where you come from, creating the artwork and going through the three-month process is hectic and stressful. Also, I really enjoyed meeting Omar, the art director for Untitled, because he gave me an interesting insight into the thought process of creating such a large art fair. It was intriguing to see how those who created the floorplan wanted to be different than other crowded art fairs and create an open space where visitors can enjoy their experience and relax. This experience is one I want to relive sometime in the near future.

The People
by Rachael Gilbert @rachaelgilbert of @fiuinstagram at @untitledartfair

As I walked through the Untitled Fair the most striking factor was not the art itself, but the people involved in the presentations of the Art. The workers of the Untitled Fair were some of the most interesting individuals I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. The world of art evaluated in terms of business is one of the most intriguing markets I have ever seen. The raw value of negotiation and presentation of a product is so vital in the successes of the art itself. Whether the art inside the booth was exceptional or not the most visited booths at Untitled and the other art fairs I visited were ones that set up their space in a unique way. The marketing that takes place in art fairs does not only have to do with the work of art itself, it is the presentation of the surrounding space that first grabs the buyer’s attention. Throughout my time at the art fairs I noticed the flow of people and how each person reacted to certain setups of booths. Usually if a space is crowded the public will walk around that space, but in regards to the booths at Untitled and Art Miami the more crowded the booth the more people were willing to wait in line to see what was inside. Attracting people from all corners of a room is a difficult feat and the booths that were able to do this were the ones I saw had the most red stickers.

Michelle Weinberg of Girls’ Club speaks to the students of ASC & PAC Fall 2018 © Liliana Fonte

Breaking Barriers with Art By Michele Khadir @blk9rl of @fiuinstagram at @untitledartfair

600 plus artists, 133 galleries and 29 countries were represented at the Untitled Art Fair held in Miami on South Beach, December 5-9, 2018. A theme that permeated the fair was that diversity and creativity together act as a bedrock for social inclusion. Art is a platform for awareness, education and imagination; contemporary art, specifically, encourages the radical exchange of ideas and creates outstanding opportunities for conversation.

A particular artist that uses his creative expression to illustrate the transfusion of cultures is Faig Ahmed, an Azerbaijani contemporary artist who creates surrealist rugs with distorted oriental weavings. His eccentric twist on traditional rug work was presented by SAPAR contemporary art gallery of New York, New York housed in Booth B27. His unconventional approach of creating unique, mutated versions of textiles take the mind and spirit on a magical journey.

Nina Levent, SAPAR’s gallery curator and trained psychologist, discussed how art is consumable and figurative. It is also literal and cumulative. This dichotomy demonstrates why communication is important in garnering understanding. Faig Ahmed engages with art by challenging norms to ascend social narratives that oppress free, critical thinking and promote superiority masked as uniformity. His work pushes boundaries and asks questions such as who is entitled to discern what is “normal” and how do we face critical areas of universal conflict such as the integration of the East and West in our ever-increasing global society?

Do we continue to incite fragmentation and compartmentalization of regional thought, or do we allow our creativity and diversity to reshape and reframe the meaning of our collective journey through time and space?

Jacob Nguyen of The LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies at Columbia University explains their experience at UNTITLED, Art. to students of ASC & PAC Fall 2018 © Liliana Fonte

By Naullila Soares of @fiuinstagram at @untitledartfair

In the heart of Miami Beach
an ocean away from home,
colors blend on walls
made of twisted bones

Behind backs of artists
too blind to see the
eyes behind our masks
a wall between us and reality.

We stumble across booths
flown over seas and stare
at patterns and prints,
colors shape the space

Breathing in the smell
of desperation and excitement
we try to name these pieces,
put them in a box and

Taint their acrylic frames,
five different people,
languages no longer
a Silent handshake.

Art speaks in strokes,
in matter and time,
where space is a concept
and minds defeat stereotypes.

Appreciation meets us
in the middle of a tent
in between thoughts
where we become clay

of tenderness and touch
soft centered yet
rough around the edges
made of no expectations.

Walls that often keep us
stuck between realms
lead us into breezes
drifting from the sea,

And we find the names
of pieces that fit together
not in fragments
in beauty.

No name to this place,
so low and behold
where artists yield swords
and mighty walls capture our hearts,

This place right here is a mystery,
how art lives in us
when we live to capture moments,
it’s called Untitled Art.

ASC / PAC Fall 2018 Student Gallery from UNTITLED, Art. Miami Beach


Isabella Marie Garcia

EDITORS AND LAST UPDATE Stephanie Sepúlveda & John William Bailly 15 December 2018

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