Poems to the Sky


From https://news.fiu.edu/2016/04/poetry-from-40000-feet-look-down-and-read-between-the-lines/99853

The Poems to the Sky project, brainchild of local artist Randy Burman, is part of the O, Miami Poetry Festival, founded by P. Scott Cunningham MFA ’08. The mission: expose everyone in Miami to poetry, often in unexpected places, during National Poetry Month in April.

To get the project approved, the students in Aesthetics and Values class and their professor John Bailly won the support of Honors College Dean Lesley Northup, President Mark B. Rosenberg and Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Kenneth A. Jessell. And, at the request of O, Miami staff, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Juan C. Zapata sent a letter in support of the project.

The students helped Bailly and master sign painter Steve Showen paint the poem’s letters on the rooftop.

AUTHOR(S) AND LAST UPDATE Stephanie Sepúlveda &John William Bailly  01 April 2018

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