Poetry Art Community at Vizcaya 2017

Victoria Lopez-Trujillo of the FIU Honors College recites her poem at “Poetry Art Community” at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens (Photo by JW Bailly CC BY 4.0)

Vizcaya through Poetry and Photography By Isabella Marie Garcia, PAC 2017-2018 (spookyrose.wordpress.com)

With the help of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and Professors Richard Blanco and John William Bailly, the FIU Honors CollegePoetry Art Community” (PAC) course entertained and held guests in their step at their first poetry exhibition. Beginning with a series of poetry readings intertwining the voices of well-renowned writers and poets, including Caridad Moro-Gronlier, Carlos Pintado, Nikki Moustaki, Michael Hettich, and Richard Blanco, and six dedicated students, the evening spread into the gardens of Vizcaya, where students stationed themselves in intimate groups to share their work with guests. Both admiring and challenging the beauty and history of Vizcaya, students, many of whom are not English majors, were able to share work they had been working on extensively since visiting Vizcaya early on in the fall semester. Rewarded by the applause and kind responses of guests, students got to be poets and poetesses for an evening under the stars.

The Vizcaya Poems
Richard Blanco
Michael Hettich
Caridad Moro-Gronlier
Nikki Moustaki-Brandt
Carlos Pintado

The Vizcaya Poems by the FIU Honors students of Poetry Art Community Fall 2017
The Frog Fountain Poems
The Secret Garden Poems
The Center Island Poems
The Grotto Poems
The West Pool Poems

Gallery from Poetry Art Community Fall 2017 at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens


AUTHOR(S) AND LAST UPDATE John William Bailly & Stephanie Sepúlveda 10 November 2017

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