Vizcaya Student Guidelines

Richard Blanco recites a poem at Vizcaya with the FIU Honors College class “Poetry Art Community.” (Photo by JW Bailly CC BY 4.0)

Students must complete the following tasks prior to  14 November, 2017 at Vizcaya.

The formal reading with Richard Blanco, Caridad Moro, Carlos Pintado, Nikki Moustaki, and Michael Hettich will be at 7:00 PM. This reading will have a rolling slideshow of the student photographs of Vizcaya. Students, you must post your photographs on the Google album “PAC 2017 Vizcaya Final Photo.” Students should post two photos-one from Vizcaya Villa/Gardens and one from Vizcaya Village.

Following the formal reading there will a reception with Poetry Stations in Vizcaya Gardens. Students in groups of eight will recite their poems to visitors at their respective stations. Below is a list of the Vizcaya Poetry Stations.

The Vizcaya Poems by Poetry Art Community The Frog Fountain Poems The Secret Garden Poems The Center Island Poems The Grotto Poems The West Pool Poems

In order for visitors to view the photos that accompany the student poems, the poems will be available online. Students must submit the text of their poem to Bailly’s turnitin as a Microsoft Word document. This will enable us to copy and paste the poems easily. The online availability of the poems will also allow visitors to read along as the poems are recited and give students the opportunity to share their work wth a wider audience.

Poetry Art Community at Vizcaya Main Page

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