Miami Service Project

Students must volunteer or intern with a Miami Activist or Miami Institution. Students can work with an individual activist on a project, volunteer at a museum or nonprofit, or participate in community’s initiative. At the end of the semester, students must submit documentation certifying participation in a project and a reflective artifact of their experience.

Students must create a webpage on this website with 1,000-1,200 words text and images documenting their experience. Reflections must describe the artist or institution the student worked with. The artifacts must also present a detailed account of the project and specifically what actions the student completed. Finally, the project should provide a personal account of what the service signified to the student, both emotionally and intellectually.

Students must follow this exact format. Here is Nicole Patrick’s Chicken Key project as a model for inspiration.

Directory of Miami Service Projects

Students may contact the following institutions for opportunities. Organizations not listed here must be approved by a Teaching Assistant. All projects involving individuals must be approved by a Teaching Assistant.

*NOTE* Students can volunteer with a religious organization (Ex. Camillus House) for service projects such as toy drives, food drives, and acts of a similar nature. The simple promotion (i.e. preaching, teaching, or leading service) of religion or an ideology does not qualify as service for this project.

Biscayne Nature Center
Camillus House
Deering Estate
Frost Science Museum
Lotus House
Miami-Dade County Parks
Million Trees Miami
Neat Streets Miami
Reading Queer
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Similar to a research paper, all sources must be cited in MLA format for all projects. If you utilize an existing film for inspiration or incorporate clips or pictures from someone else, you must cite those. Failure to do is plagiarism.

MLA Format (in-text citations required)
Bailly’s Guide to Image Rights & Usage

John William Bailly  24 August 2020