Abigael Derlise: Art Service Project 2020

Student Bio

Abigael Derlise is a current senior at Florida International University, majoring in International Business with a certificate in International Trade and Investment. After graduation, my plan is to pursue a career in Corporate Banking, although that may change after graduation. She has a passion for improving learning for children; she hopes to create a Non-Profit Organization to help children get a better education in her hometown.

For my Service-Learning Project, I had the chance to work with Mette Tommerup on her Locust Projects at Emerson Dorsch gallery. Mette is one of the artists we visited for the semester. We visited Emerson Dorsch gallery, Mette collection was on display, and she gave us the opportunity to interact with her painting. I was shocked because usually, we are not even allowed to touch the art with our fingertips. It was such a great experience that I wanted to do it again. Luckily, I was able to go back and experience her work a second time.

 Tommerup thinks of her paintings as actors in their own stories.  She wanted three models to play with the canvases while the photographer is capturing the scene in a way to frame her production. The idea is to bring the character out of the painting. In this picture, the characters are angry, and they’ve had enough of the chaotic world. Earth is not what it seems; they are disappointed with human cruelty. Ur is full of rage; she is revolted, peace is gone.

As a non-art major, I was interested in participating in the photoshoot. I thought it was a great opportunity for me to get involved with an artist. I wanted to get a better understanding when it comes to an exhibition. I experienced the process of reorganizing an installation.  My role was to perform each panting story by showing out their emotions. The entire the girls and I were dancing, moving and ripping the canvases off the wall.  The end result was satisfying because Tommerup ‘s photographer was able to capture some great shots for her project. I cannot wait to see the project when it’s fully completed.

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