Fengxin Ma: Art Service 2019

My assigned area at the de la Cruz Collection

Part of the course requirement, I completed my art service hours at the de la Cruz Collection during Art Basel Week.

As one of the most promonient collectors of contemporary arts, the de la Cruz Collection is located at the heart of the Design District, welcoming over hundreds of visitors around the world on a daily basis. The de la Cruz Collection is a large warehouse with hundreds of pieces of artwork displayed throughout. The warehouse is divided into three floors. The main floor is showcased pieces from the permanent collection of the institution – Felix Gonzalez, Nate Lowman, Kelley Walker, etc. The second and third floor showcase mainly some of the past exhibitions such Cosima von Bonin, Laura owens, Peter Doig, Gabriel Orozco, Ana Mendieta etc.

I have multiple roles in completing the service hours at the de la Cruz Collection. My main primary role was to act as a security guard for the artworks that is in my assigned area. I was assigned to be on the second floor, overwatching artworks from Laura Owens and Cosima von Bonin, and the art installation from Kelley Walker and Wade Guyton. My responsibilities was to ensure visitors are precautions with the artwork and ensuring each art piece is respected. Being part of the de la Cruz team, I was also expected to have a general knowledge about each art pieces in my area. I was not only a security guard, but also a mini guide of my area. I will interact with the visitors, provide them with information regarding the institution or the art piece, and address any questions or concern they have. I also collaborated with other team members of the de la Cruz Collection to ensure the operation of the institution runs smoothly. We need to ensure all part of the gallery is taken care of and ensure all visitors are satistfy with their experience.

de la cruz.png
Art installation by Guyton and Kelley Walker

I would have to say doing my service hours at the de la Cruz Collection is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I completed this service hours at the right time – Art Basel Week- and at the right institution. Because of the fame the institution, it drawn in a lot of prominate figures from the art world into the space, from Museum Directors to an artist from the costal Mexico. I had an opportunity to meet and speak with some of the most interesting people I’ve ever meet, they shared their thoughts, their love for art, and what brought them into the Collection. Especially during Art Basel Week, it brought in hundreds of visitors from different countries. Seeing the countless amount of people travels thousands and thosands miles to come to Miami for Art really emphasis how powerful Art can be. Through the interaction with vistors, I get to learn a lot more information regarding the pieces I lookafter, some share their experience in collecting the art piece from the artist and some their experience with actually interact with the artist itself. It is amazing what art can do. It is art that brought the de la Cruz Collection into a such prominenate role in the art world, it is art that drawn in so many visitors around the world, and it is art that I had an opportunity to meet with some the of greatest people.

Proof of Hours

Service hours.jpeg

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