Sophia Gandarillas: Miami Service Project 2020

Due to my inability to take photos at the hospital due to contractual and legal obligations, I have gathered the above image from Nicklaus Children’s Hospital website @

The Service

My name is Sophia Gandarillas and I am pursuing a B.A. in Biological Sciences and a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies. I am a pre-medical student who has volunteered at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Miramar Urgent Care Center. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is an organization dedicated to the health and well-being of children. This organization not only invests in the best pediatric medical care, but also contributes greatly to research and education, which is a great investment for the future. They are an organization dedicated to promoting health today and for days to come.

Why I Joined Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Although this volunteering opportunity does relate to my major and my future interests, I chose this opportunity because I have always respected any organization that promotes and dedicates itself to the health of children. Having been a child with medical issues, I greatly respect people and organizations who dedicate themselves to this cause. In the future I am interested in becoming a doctor and was aware that this organization would help me understand what it is like to work within a clinical setting, such as an outpatient and urgent care setting. I had the ability to learn a lot over the course of my nine and a half months of volunteering experience, most of which I cannot discuss due to lawful obligations that must be met, such as HIPAA. However, some of the activities I performed at my weekly volunteer position were interacting with patients, stocking rooms and preparing them for patients, and organizing medical supplies.

What I Learned

I value the importance of my duties at this renowned organization and continue to value the lessons I have learned and attributes I have gained from this experience. The work I did was not as significant as what the doctor, nurses, and medical care providers all do for any child in need. However, I was nevertheless a large contributor that enabled the everyday operations to flow smoothly, which provided a sense of relief to children in need. Such as a sense of relief to children in need with a smile or distraction from things, like needles, that might often be frightening. Any small gesture could make a world of a difference to a patient or child. I learned that there is often some humanity missing in the medical community when dealing with patients, but the ability to recognize that these patients are people is often all it takes to change a negative interaction into a positive one.

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