Sophia Gandarillas: Art Service 2019

Ten volunteer hours were completed between two institutions, the Deering Estate and the Rubell Museum, by Sophia Gandarillas.

The Deering Estate

One of the service projects I completed this semester on November 11, 2019 was my day of service at the Deering Estate for their event which allowed visitors to view Mercury’s transit across the Sun. I worked in the historic houses, The Stone House and the Richmond Cottage, watching over the collection and artifacts that are on the property. My job was to make sure that none of the visitors were touching any of the antique items or taking anything from the houses. This service project was important to me because I helped to protect the preservation of history at a historic site here in South Florida. I also served at a location that educates people on the history of South Florida, provides efforts in conservation and preservation, and allows people to become educated about the arts, the importance of art, and scientific discovery and advancement. The Deering Estate is important in the history of South Florida and it has become a focal point of historic importance to our state. It serves the community by educating the public as well as allowing access to many scientific, artistic, and conservational opportunities. This event was no different as it allowed visitors to see the rare occurrence of Mercury’s transit across the Sun with the proper equipment. The allowance of the public to see such scientific occurrences is important because it can inspire people to work towards scientific improvements that could benefit the nation and the human race, as well as the planet. 

The Rubell Museum

The second service project I completed this semester on November 23, 2019 was at the Rubell Museum which was formerly known as the Rubell Family Collection. It has now expanded and moved to a new location. I served by helping organize and set up the library that the Rubell family chose to set up in their museum. It allows for anyone to have the opportunity to do research on any art piece in the collection to have a place to research, watch, and read about the work and its artists. This was a good opportunity to help education flourish and to give people a place to become educated about the art they love and want to know more about. The Rubell Museum aims to discover and show new art or art that was overlooked. They aim to give a multifaceted narrative to contemporary art as they have seen it. I was happy to be able to help an organization that is as dedicated to contemporary art as the Rubell family is. I was also excited to be able to help set up their library which will allow for the education of the public, students, or anyone interested in further information on the collection to have a place to satiate that thirst for information and knowledge. It is amazing that they have allowed the public access to their library collection which as I have seen is a very complete and immense collection, and I’m glad to have served an organization so committed to showing and giving the public all that they have to offer.

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