Carlos Rojas: España Vuelta 2019

Carlos Rojas: España Vuelta 2019- El Tiempo Libre

Carlos Rojas at a rooftop bar in Madrid, Spain

El Tiempo Libre

By Carlos Rojas

Studying Abroad in Spain with Professor John William Bailly


Spain is a place like no other. Everybody has heard about the Conquistadors, Christopher Columbus, the rise and downfall of a great naval power, and other historical points, yet those types of points are just a piece of the whole paella that is Spain. Walking around the streets, you can see and hear many things, but the things that grabbed me the most was the culture and how people spend their time here. From flamenco, music, theaters, and even siesta; Spaniards don’t operate like how I am familiar with. I have always seen the “live to work” style of life in the US as that is how I even model my life as I constantly have to be doing something. When I observe the residents of Spain it seems to be the opposite as they focus more on their leisure and happiness. That is what I plan to discuss as I explore how the Spaniards use there “tiempo libre” and how it reflects upon the American culture I am familiar with.

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