Xsaiver Horn: Vuelta España 2022

Madrid is well over double the size of Miami  and the train system is way more fleshed out. While our humble train route only has 22 stops, Madrid has way too many to count. It’s a far more walkable and accessible city for the millions of its inhabitants. Our city is choked by highways and 6 plus lane streets that impede its walkability. To get across miami an uber would cost you well over $30 dollars compared to the 1.25 Euro to ride the train till its last stop. Not to say there aren’t drawbacks, you have to be comfortable with the lack of space,the smells, and heat. There are also pickpocketers who use these tight cramped spaces to their advantage. A friend of mine got their phone stolen on the train. From my personal experience this seems to be an issue all large cities face in regards to their public transport i.e New York. 

Every buss stop we went to had at least 5 if not 20 busses on cycle. 

Trains much better for environment and it was quite affordable 

Miami is not built for trains. It ld be hard to execute 

Europe has built around trains and has had this infrastructure much longer. To accomplish that here we would have to rework the city almost entirely

The sevillan streets were tight like hallways. Maybe two motorcycles at a time could fit through its alleyways. I rarely saw a car here. Without knowing any of the city’s 2,000 year history it would still be apparent that it was built and expanded far before the rise of the auto. In my short time on this earth I have never encountered a place like this. It was so otherworldly to me. I could best compare Sveillas compact streets to those of the fictional fantastical village of harry potters’ Diagon alley. Tight cobblestone streets lined by multi level buildings with shops, restaurants, various means of commerce street side and apartments or whatever else up top. Walking around Sevilla gave me a grave perspective on miami. Though our city is a large sprawling metropolis, it is incredibly barren as well. Filled with highways flanked by a tire shop, gas stations, and uniform suburbia. This kind of uniformity is absent in Sevilla. Each street varied from the last, nor were two businesses alike.  All of the architecture we saw was really close together. In sevilla we had a hall (look it up) a public place there were kayak in the waters oring in the same place there were flamenco dancers. I wanna say there were 50 benches that represented a city in sevilla. A big centre inside of a communal place. Miami dosnt have that (we have tropical park) 

In barcelona we felt most at home. The beaches and the way the city was structured. publi c bikes for use (city bikes in miami ) the restaurants the type of food they served . It felt very similar to areas like wynwood but make it the beach. The types of people n night life felt very miami. It was one of the harder citys to walk in. a few more streets (much larger) our points of interest were much farther apart. 

The city of Barcelona felt most similar to me by the types of food/ restaurants i encountered, and the general structure of the city. The streets here were bigger, longer and paved over very unlike the windy cobblestone streets I’ve become accustomed to on my stay. Our points of interest were farther apart from us, so the city did not feel as walkable in comparison to the other locals we visited. The urbanness of Barcelona reminded me the most of home. Barceloneta for example 

Author: xsaiverr

My name is Xsaiver, and I use He/Him and She/Her pronouns (Name pronounced Xavier) and I am a current FIU Honors student. I am working towards a BFA in Studio Arts, and I am super eccentric, exciting, and creative. This semester and the next (Spring and Summer 2022) I will be exploring the synchronicities between Spain and Miami, as well as visiting Spain to compare the same ones and back. I am super excited to learn more about the culture our city runs on and dive into the roots of lots of our modern workings from Spain!

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