Anette Cepero: Neighborhood 2022-2023

Author: Anette Cepero

A Cuban born Junior in the Honors College at Florida International University, Anette Cepero is pursuing her bachelor’s in Public Relations Advertising and Applied Communications (PRAAC) with a focus on Hospitality. This ambitious 19 year old student and real estate agent plans on attending law school in order to earn her Juris Doctorate and practice Real Estate and Business Law. As a self proclaimed sunset connoisseur, adventurous spirit, foodie, thrill seeker, and lover of life, Anette believes in treasuring all of life’s moments especially the small fleeting ones often overlooked by many. Growing up in the melting pot of Miami, Florida since the age of 5 years old has been one of the many reasons for Anette’s forever growing love for people of all walks of life and their stories. She is a true believer in the idea that being alive is not living and thus lives by this motto everyday. Her purpose is to experience as many of life’s blessings as possible as she strives to grow into her truest self while helping those around her do the same.

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