Beatriz Muelas: Neighborhood 2022

Design District as Text: December 10th, 2022

“Miami Design District Fendi”, Picture taken by Beatriz Muelas
“Jennifer Ruiz walking through OTL coffee shop outside seating in Miami Design District”, Picture taken by Beatriz Muelas
Miami Design District, Dior and Hermes”, Picture taken by Beatriz Muelas

Miami Design District is a neighborhood located north from Midtown and south of Little Haiti. It is located very close to the I-95 traveling east to Miami Beach. It consists of exactly 4 by 2 blocks vertically and two blocks horizontally. This neighborhood was born in 2005 (Travel + Leisure, 2017). 

In order to travel there publicly, there are bus drop-off and pick-up locations nearby at a walking distance. Preferably, visiting on foot is definitely the best option since this is an area in which there are artworks that can only be seen on foot and not available to be seen while inside your car. However, driving and parking is also an option. In fact, the closest metro station is Allapattah Station which is a half hour walk, a seven-minute drive. Walking around Design District is so mind-blowing since it is rich of color and light. It even says it on an artwork! I visited this area during nighttime and I walked by a sign made by Rirkrit Tiravanija’s that says “The Sun is Gone But We Have the Light” and was made in 2005 (Travel + Leisure, 2017 & Rirkrit, 2005).  

Looking at the pictures from above, you can see that there is Art Deco located here similar to the one found in Miami Beach. The architecture of Miami Design District consists of many linear features. There is a famous store called “Hermes” in which the building structure is also linear. This area is surrounded by high-priced stores like Dior, Fendi, Bvglari, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany and Co., etc. This area is considered pricey for average income households. As you walk around this neighborhood, there are many artworks such as sculptures, paintings, signs, and more that are very interesting and adds a sense of value to the area. I find it fascinating how this area mixes art with nature and place. The different focus points in this area include food, architecture, fashion, and art, and these characteristics make up a neighborhood, which is extremely unique. 

The people that created this neighborhood must’ve had unique and creative personalities to create such a beautiful area to shop, eat, and visit. Craig Robins created the business Dacra and decided to have a partnership with L. Catterton Real Estate and create this neighborhood. “The L. Catterton Real Estate is a global real estate development and investment fund that was established in 2016 by Catterton, LVMH, and Groupe Arnault. (Miami Design District Associates). 

Since this area appears to be high-class, I was interested in knowing what degree most people earned to be able to live in this neighborhood and interestingly, 35% of the population in Design District earned a high school diploma. 26% of the population earned a college or associate’s degree while a 17% earned a bachelor’s degree, and an 11% earned a master’s degree or higher. Also, 11% of the population here earned less than a high school diploma. The median household income in this area is estimated to be around $69,071. Also, 25% of people living in this area are between the ages 25 and 34. The racial diversity in this area consists of 42% African American, 39% Hispanic, 14% White, 1% Asian, and 4% being two or more races. The population of Miami Design District is 2,647 people. Also, the population consists of 54% being male and 46% being female (Niche). 


Author: beamuelas

I am currently a sophomore attending Florida International University. I am studying psychology and I aspire to learn about how different cultures and environments affect people's mindsets and to help them overcome any societal issues they may be experiencing. I was born in Chile but I am originally from Spain. I have lived in Costa Rica for three years of my life and came to Miami with my family as a child. I also enjoy being outdoors and experiencing new things.

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