Rosali Nodarse: Miami as Text 2023

Rosali in Miami (Photo by Rosali Nodarse/ CC BY 4.0)

Rosali Nodarse is a third year in FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY pursuing a degree in Biology while following a premedical track. Rosali aspires to go to medical school after graduating college and being perhaps practicing medicine in different countries. Her hobbies include reading, working out, and going to new places whenever possible.

Embarking on an Italian adventure

Image by Matteo Angeloni from Pixabay

College are the years where people have the chance to learn about themselves and grow, this simultaneously relates to the idea that when a person they can become more well-rounded and learn about themselves. As a premedical student who decided to stay home for college and spends most of her time studying, I don’t think I’ve given myself that opportunity to do that. In a year I graduate college and that does not mean that I will no longer have the opportunity to grow but it does mean that I would have ended my undergraduate career without doing anything memorable that I can tell my descendants about. I heard about the program through a friend who is also going, and she talked about it for about 5 minutes, within that time frame I knew that a month in Italy was an experience I was not willing to pass up on. 

I chose to do Italy because I don’t see much value in going to a place taking a picture just to have the ability to say, “I was there”. In my opinion experiencing a new place should entail learning something about that place that makes it so unique. Whether that originality is gathered from the history, food, music, or culture. Each location has something different, and they have something to learn from, luckily for me and everyone else going on the trip Italy has all those categories. A lot of the history originated within Italy, whether it be the Roman empire, the first banking system, or forms of government, Italia’s past has contributed to our everyday lives in ways we may not even know. As a person who has always liked history, I think it is so much more interesting when it can be associated to something we commonly encounter so it does not feel like an abstract occurrence. Growing up in an education system that does not prioritize history, I feel that at times students are deprived of learning exactly how interconnected different cultures and countries truly are. Although it may not be what everyone is interested it is something that does interest me personally and there is no better way to learn that then studying about Italy in Italy for a month. 

I have had the opportunity to travel to other countries with my family before and have thus far tried of trying to understand the location and grow familiar with it before I arrive and mostly when I am there. However, sometimes it can be hard and overwhelming to know where to look and what is truly worth seeing, not just a “tourist trap”. Which is what making this study abroad opportunity so extraordinary. Professor bailey organizes an itinerary in which the group visits the locations that will provide the most history and memory of Italy. Besides picking the best destinations he also lectures while at the locations so students can appreciate the beauty of where they are and carry new knowledge with them for the rest of their lives. That way if I visit the location again with loved ones, I can share with them the information. I look forward to learning as much as I can in those four weeks and doing it alongside people who have a similar love of travel as I do.

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