Garbage Wall Construction

Manuela Mozo, Director of UNTITLED Miami Beach (Photo by JW Bailly CC BY 4.0)

Monica Uszerowicz in Hyperallergic:

MIAMI BEACH — The first thing visitors see at Untitled Art Fair this year is a literal wall of garbage: limbless Barbies, empty tequila bottles, clothes hangers, sandals, and other detritus, all crushed together in a cement hunk. A new iteration of Gordon Matta-Clark’s 1970 piece and performance, “Garbage Wall” is one of Untitled’s special projects this year, and it’s huge. Matta-Clark’s original “Garbage Wall” (1970) confronted environmental issues and the homelessness crisis. This new one, constructed by Florida International University Honors College students, in collaboration with Matta-Clark’s Estate, utilizes marine debris from the Deering Estate and confronts similar problems — though this time the threat of impending sea level rise and drastic climate change renders it newly relevant.

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