Poetic Palette at the Margulies Collection

Richard Blanco recites his poem at “Poetic Palate” at Margulies Collection (Photo © Kassandra Casanova)

Margulies Art Through Poetic Text
By Isabella Marie Garcia, PAC 2018 (spookyrose.wordpress.com)

Through the collaborative effort of the students, and Giselle Lopez’s incredible talents as event planner, FIU Honors College co-professors John William Bailly and Richard Blanco‘s “Poetry Art Community” (PAC) course hosted a poetry gala at the Margulies Collection in the heart of Wynwood. Students and accomplished poets, Richard Blanco, Michael Hettich, Caridad Moro-Gronlier, Nikki Moustaki Brandt, and Carlos Pintado, performed their ekphrastic responses to the art within the collection. Thanks to Mr. Margulies and his gracious opening of the collection to the students, both throughout the spring semester and on the eve of the Poetic Palette, guests were welcomed to witness physical art transformed into poetic text. While enjoying drinks courtesy of Loco Por Ti, both the FIU community and general Miami community were gifted a night where art transcended the realm of physical space into spoken tributes.

The Margulies Poems
Richard Blanco
Michael Hettich
Caridad Moro-Gronlier
Nikki Moustaki Brandt
Carlos Pintado

The Margulies Poems by the FIU Students of Poetry Art Community
Isabella Marie Garcia
Albany Gonzalez
Victoria Lopez-Trujillo
Isabella Montes
Aaron Pupo
Jonah Wichterich

Gallery from Poetic Palette at Margulies

AUTHOR(S) AND LAST UPDATE Stephanie SepúlvedaJohn William Bailly 10 April 2018

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