Sainte-Chapelle as Text 2017

logan saucer - saintechapelle.JPG
Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, France © Logan Saucer (CC by 4.0)

On July 2nd, 2017, students went on a tour of Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, France. Following the tour, students shared their voices and opinions through photographs and personal reflections.

First Impressions
by Alessandra Arias @alessarias of @fiuinstagram at @parisjetaime

Sainte Chapelle, at a first impression, left me and as I am sure many others, breathless. Its high pointed archs that fall into columns reinforces its gothic style, and its magnificent stained glass windows give the room such bright colorful light. Sainte Chapelle was built for king Louis IX, and its upper chapel was built exclusively for him, his family and friends, but also for the display of religious relics. To me, the most impactful thing about it is how the light makes each of the different biblical stories glitter and lighten up making it so beautifully impeccable that it’s almost impossible to look away.

Infinite Divinty
by Logan Saucer @logansaucer of @fiuinstagram at @parisjetaime

Spectacular creations, such as the stained glass masterpieces that Sainte-Chapelle is known for, tend to evoke a sense of inferiority among a viewer like myself. How could this perfectly circular centerpiece be manmade? For I am man, and therefore I am imperfect. And while my lifetime has a definite end point, this circle is governed by an infinitely long string of numbers known as pi. Thank you, Saint Louis, for this beautiful reminder of infinity and divinity that continues to communicate with viewers hundreds of years later.


Isabella Marie Garcia

EDITORS AND LAST UPDATE Stephanie Sepúlveda & John William Bailly 15 January 2019

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