MIM Ineffable Miami Spring 2021: Design District by Claudia Martinez

Student Bio

Hi, my name is Claudia Martinez and I am currently an Economics major at FIU. I was born in Venezuela but was raised in Miami, Florida. One of my favorite hobbies is going out and exploring new things including everything that Miami has to offer. Some people remember Miami for its wild party scene but I knew that Miami could not just be limited to that one single stereotype. When I heard of a different type of class, one that would leave the classroom setting and take you out to see the city for yourself, I knew that was going to be the next class I was going to sign up for. Taking the Miami In Miami during Covid-19 challenged me to get out of the comfort of my home and explore the city by going to new places that I would have otherwise not visited. The course is thought provoking and causes one to think outside the box literally. The course discusses subjects that I find uncomfortable and I would too often avoid. However, I stand challenged by this class and I look forward to seeing this class expand into greater horizons.












Author: claudiasmedia

I am born in Venezuela and raised in Miami. I was looking for a course that can take the in classroom experience and transfer it to a real world learning experience, when I found out about Miami In Miami, I was so eager that I knew that was one of the next classes I was going to take this year. I am studying Economics in hopes of pursuing a career as a Stock trader and Broker in the world of trading which I greatly love. I hope to get to know you guys in this journey and see what you guys will achieve as well.

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