Abigael Derlise: Miami Service 2019

Pinecrest Garden entrance, photo by Abigael

I love being out in a garden, connecting with mother nature. I believe that we need make some serious changes in order to save our planet. I had the chance to contribute to a sustainable project. The service I partook in was at Pinecrest Garden in Miami, Florida.  In December 2002, Pinecrest Garden was purchased by the village of Pinecrest Village.  It’s a beautiful botanical garden on a 14-acre land. It was named Perrot jungle before, and it was founded in 1936 by Franz and Louise Scherr.

The event in which I participated was TROLLS by Thomas Dambo. Thomas is an artist from Denmark; he travels around the globe with his crew to build giant sculptures, from recycled items that become characters in playful stories. His mission is to encourage others to rethink their beliefs about trash. In his stories, he educate others on the importance of sustainability in a playful way. about trash.  

Terje troll, photo by Abigael

I had the opportunity to work alongside the artist, Thomas Dambo. I was tasked to organize the woods by length and shape so it could be more comfortable for the workers to use. I also helped to take apart pallets, cutting the lumber. I had the chance to work with tools and be part of building the trolls. Being able to take part in something that is changing our view of sustainability makes me feel like I am contributing to the future generation.


Lacey Bray | Educational Program Coordinator

Address: 11000 Red Road Pinecrest, Fl 33156

Author: miamiastext

Admin Account for Miami in Miami

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