Hanna Sotolongo-Miranda: Miami Service 2019

For my service project, I helped my community through my church in multiple ways. I have read the lecture in mass to help as much as I can spread the word of God. Although a service project is for the most part secular, it is the intentions behind the church and the project that are what truly matter. By reading, I am helping my community not only grow closer to God, but I am also helping people arrive to be a better person. At the end of the day, the teachings of the Bible are the teachings to become a good person and productive member of society. A reading that I did for the Catholic Church on December 8th, Romans 15:4-9, the Bible’s teachings were about finding harmony in mankind, and act with truthfulness. This teaches people to be kind, honest, and good members of society, something I personally believe in and something I’m glad I shared with my community.

I also took part in the church’s events for Thanksgiving and Christmas. For Thanksgiving, me and my mother signed up to make food for an annual feast for the poor, including turkey chili and tuna casserole. For Christmas, my church has Family to Family Helping Hands, paper cutout hands with families in need and the children on each of the fingers. This year I chose 2 ‘hands’ with two children. Both had one boy and one girl around the ages of 13-15. I was unfortunately unable to make it to the Thanksgiving feast or the Christmas delivery, but I was still happy providing food and gifts to the people who need it most. I was so happy to take part in this, because it really does help. Although I missed the delivery this year, I was part of the wrapping and delivering in past years and it truly is a joy to see the good in people’s hearts, especially in a time where all we worry about is what’s going wrong. I’m so happy that I get to help those who truly need it, and I look participating in years to come.

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