Rachel Young: Vizcaya as Text

“The Vizcaya I Met” by Rachel Young

FIU Honors students at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens © Rachel Young

The Vizcaya I Met
by Rachel Young @hereisrache of @fiuinstagram at @vizcaya_museum

The Vizcaya I met es distinto al Vizcaya que conoció mi mamá the first time she went back in the 90s
I met Vizcaya in mid-February un viernes con unos gran amigos and one of the most influential professors I’ve had
I met Vizcaya with some expectations and was left speechless when I turned the corner and saw the Bay I consider Vizcaya a friend porque sentí como si fuera parte de la familia Deering as I walked through the courtyards and gardens Not only did I feel like a friend of Deering, but I also felt like a friend of el Cubano who was responsible for bringing in the palm trees that corral the gardens A friend of all those who followed orders and garden plans A friend of all those who contributed to the creation of this historical relic A friend of all those who suffered A friend of all those who sacrificed The Vizcaya I met is frequented by Tias y Tios que están visitando los sobrinos It’s frequented by hopeful quinceañeras I know the Vizcaya I met that Friday in mid-February But what about the Vizcaya que conoció mi mamá? What about the Vizcaya que conoció el Cubano with the palm trees?


AUTHOR(S) AND LAST UPDATE John William Bailly & Stephanie Sepúlveda 12 October 2017

Author: John William Bailly

Professor/Painter/Study Abroad Faculty Director FIU Honors College

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