Miami as Text 2020.2021

FIU Honors College student blogs of Miami in Miami of Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. Miami as Text is the world as seen by the students of John William Bailly of the FIU Honors College at Florida International University. The project provides authentic reflections through a juxtaposition of image and text.

Art Society Conflict 2020.2021
Vivian Acosta
Ameenah Aljabry
Monica Barletta
Daniela Canizares
Sydielim Chong
Lorena Cuenca
Jessica Finol
Luis Gutierrez
Skyler Hayman
Luzmariana Iacono
Trent Martino
Jennifer Quintero
Andrea Rodriguez Matos
Jesse Velazquez

Discover Miami Spring 2021
Sana Arif
Hebah Bushra
Johnny Casares
Letizia D’Avenia
Sofia De La Torre
Stephanie Gudiel
Daryel Guerra
Hugo Marin
Adrian Mills
Derick Plazaola
Daffodyle Saget
Maria Simon

Finding Miami Spring 2021
Linabel Armas Alduncin
Andro Bailly
Aleksandra Baryshnikova
Alfredo Bidopia
Lauren Farina
Lemuel Fernandez
Angelo Gomez
Balazs Kornis
Rachel Pasteris
Saniya Pradhan
Amelia Raudales
Thwin Thet Su San

Miami in Miami 2020.2021
Ahdriana Amandi
Andre Cospin
Esmeralda Iyescas
Victoria Jackson
Komila Kholmatova
Claudia Martinez
Roger Masson
Rafaella Ribeiro
Brittney Sanchez
Leonella Santillan Zavala
Lukas Stump
Mohan Yatham
Aimee Zuniga
Kathalinna Zuniga

How to do a Miami as Text
MLA Format (in-text citations not required)
Bailly’s Guide to Image Rights & Usage

Miami as Text Main Page

Stephanie Sepúlveda & John William Bailly  22 April 2021

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